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I hadn’t heard about or thought of Weird Al Yankovic in a really long time. But suddenly he is back on my radar because he is releasing eight new music videos – one a day for eight days. I guess I’m not as sophisticated as I thought because I keep watching them and they crack me right up!

Fortunately for someone like me who gets a kick out of them, the videos are everywhere. My friends keep posting them on Facebook, and they’ve been on sites such as Gawker. We’ve gone from zero Weird Al to an inundation overnight, which is a smart way for a satirical musician who had been off the radar for some time to promote himself. Get those videos out, make people laugh, and hope that they want more so they buy the album that the silly little films support.

In case you haven’t seen them, you can check out Weird Al’s newest music videos by going to his site – just click here.


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