Wear a Logo on Your Sleeve….or Lapel

lapel pins

An excellent – and inexpensive – way to market your company is with lapel pins. Not the big, round celluloid buttons that politicians give to potential voters, but small, tasteful pins that subtly display a logo.

The interesting thing about lapel pins is how various organizations use them in different ways. For instance, when Baptist Health South Florida gives out its molded pineapple pins to members of the community, they are on a card that details “The Purpose of the Pineapple,” which basically describes why it is the symbol of their company. Thus, even if the recipient does not wear the pin, Baptist has still conveyed a good amount of information. Plus, because so many individuals have gotten the pin and card, they can easily recognize it when they see a Baptist employee wearing their pin – great branding!

Camillus House is a South Florida charitable organization that also utilizes lapel pins. They give theirs to board members, donors, and employees, and I see their pins as conversation starters. That is, when an individual who is unfamiliar with the institution sees someone wearing a Camillus House pin, chances are that he or she will ask the wearer about it. This provides an excellent opportunity for someone who is active within the organization to share information with a potential volunteer.

Then there are pins that serve as commemorative items. We produce lapel pins for the various World Golf Championships events every year, and these are snapped up as souvenirs. I’ve seen custom pins that serve as souvenirs at Disney World and on cruises too. They’re an inexpensive buy that serve as a reminder of a favorite event or trip, and when an individual wears them outside of that venue he or she is providing excellent marketing for the event or trip in question! It’s a win-win!

With so many different applications, lapel pins are a promotional marketing product that can serve any company well. If you’re interested in creating a custom version for yourself, contact the Gossett Marketing team directly.


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