Virtual Reality Delivers

There is truly no market like the Virtual Reality market at the moment.16863422875_81d02f9901_o

Advances in technology and major interest in other key industries, VR has taken off very quickly.

Companies are using VR to market and showcase their abilities and offerings through 360 degree – interactive visuals that immerse the consumer in a whole new world.

VR is making a phrase like, “Tonight I’m going to Disney, then on cruise through the Panama Canal afterwards” totally feasible.

According to, Disney and Nokia have recently partnered up using Nokia’s $60,000 virtual reality camera and the compatible software to shoot 360 degrees for upcoming Disney films and marketing materials. VR is helping corporations expand their reach beyond boundaries ever imagined. People that have never visited Disney, will soon be able to access the wonder and magic from anywhere on the planet. That is huge Disney and many other big-name corporations diving head first into this industry.

VR has been used by the military for years, but the idea of a truly endless visual experiences for the user was shrouded with doubt. Up and down for years, the VR market has virtual gone from introductory, to shear disappearance and now is back again with vengeance.

Over time, we will witness the evolution of VR, giving us access to much more then we could’ve ever imagined. Are you for the enormous possibilities to come or weary of our society becoming TOO immersed in technology. Sound off below!






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