Trend Alert: Mirrored Shades

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My very favorite pair of sunglasses spontaneously broke recently. I wore them as I walked to the gym, and when I got there I took them off and did that thing where you hook them over your shirt. When I let go, both the arm of my sunglasses and the glasses themselves clattered to the floor – the arm had somehow snapped! It was the weirdest thing and such a disappointment, as they were simultaneously my all-time favorite and my all-time most expensive sunnies. Fortunately, my friend, who witnessed the whole incident, asked me where I had gotten them asked me if I happened to have purchased them at Nordstrom. I had! So she pointed out that they would replace them for me – love that return policy!

Armed with the knowledge that Nordstrom would most likely swap out my now-broken glasses for a pair with two arms, I hit their accessories department. Sure enough, they were more than happy to help me get into a new pair of Tom Fords (I told you they were my most expensive glasses!). It took a while, but they sent me home with a new pair of “Jennifers,” as my preferred style is known. As my excellent salesman looked up my original purchase, I puttered around and tried on all of the latest designer shades. One trend that I noticed was the prevalence of mirrored lenses in every color – from neons to rich jewel tones.

I am not the only one who has noticed the rise of colorful mirrored sunglasses, as they are all over the promotional products industry right now. There are knock-off Wayfarers, stylish aviators, and all of the styles in between that can be imprinted with your company’s logo either on an arm or directly on the lens. These inexpensive accessories are so on-trend that when you give them to a customer, either she will wear them or she will give them to someone who will. They stand out – and they will bring your logo great exposure!

Although Nordstrom generously exchanged my broken, non-mirrored “Jennifers” for a new pair, maybe I will take a break from my all-time favorite shades and sport a mirrored pair for a change. Emblemized with the Gossett Marketing logo, of course!


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