Time to Bring Back Holiday Greeting Cards

I don’t know about you, but I still like to get mail. I mean the mail from the mail carrier. Something you have to open by hand, not an email that is so easily dismissed. I send hand written “thank you” notes occasionally and actually need to do that more often as I always get a nice “wow” a hand written note. How do I know? They usually call me to thank me for the note. Talk about standing out.

Anyway, if you are like me, when you get into the office you have hundreds emails waiting and to be perfectly honest, if you are like me, you start going down the list hitting the delete button. However, when I get the mail if an envelope looks interesting, is from someone I know or is “bulky” I’ll open it. Sure I throw out the “junk” mail without opening it, but even that at times gets a glance. Not the email ones though.

I do recognize that budgets are an issue and an email card recognizing a birthday or such can make it so easy and affordable (and granted I do enjoy those that sing to me) but when it comes to the holidays, I truly appreciate a real card. I know a lot of my vendors and clients have switched to e-cards but I know I’m not getting them all. Many get caught up in my firewall as spam. So, how is that saying thank you for the year or celebrating the holiday?

So, I’m advocating we got back to the old way of recognizing the holidays with a card. And there are cards for all holidays,

Dove Seed Card serves multiple purposes

Dove Seed Card has long lasting impact

religious or generic but they all can help you show your clients and prospects that you’re thinking about them this holiday season.

And many times the holiday card can be so much more than just a one-dimensional greeting. I personally love the dimensional ones. For instance, one year we sent out a card that popped open into a paper poinsettia plant that sat on desks all over town, for months I might add. Another year we sent out a card with a seed ornament that was a reindeer. You could either plant the card and grow sage or it had ribbon so you could hang it like an ornament. So many comments on that one too! We’ve done others that have opened into stars or even annual calendars – which I still see on walls around our client’s offices.

I know it’s still early, but if you want to stand out this holiday season (and you could start at Halloween or Thanksgiving or even wait for the Happy New Year) why not start now and plan on sending a unique holiday greeting. Let us know if we can help.


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