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UM Sunglasses
Although we try to make it as easy as possible, I understand that purchasing promotional marketing products can sometimes seem like a daunting task. You’re generally buying thousands of items at once, so you definitely want to get it right! No one wants 2,500 bags in a color that clashes with their logo! The good news is, we are now able to provide “virtual samples” prior to your order. These virtuals show a particular product, in the color that you prefer, with your company’s logo in the location and colors that you’re considering.

Virtual samples are a great tool that we can offer, at no cost, for most of our promotional products. So if you like to look before you leap, ask your friendly Gossett Marketing representative for virtual samples prior to placing your order!

If you look above, you can see a virtual that we provided the University of Miami for some really fabulous sunglasses. The virtual below was for Royal Caribbean International – it’s a notebook with several different imprint methods. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’d like to see some virtual samples for items that you’re interested in, leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail!

Royal Caribbean Notebook

Don’t Waste Your Tradeshow Dollars

Flying Teacup
Are your promotional products boring? Do you just slap your logo on sticky notes and hand them out at tradeshows? So many companies do just that – their giveaways are an afterthought and, well, that’s why they end up in the trash can!

As I’ve mentioned before, at Gossett Marketing we strive to provide our customers with unique and different promos, and that often means that we create completely custom pieces for them. When I meet with new people and I tell them that, they generally balk and say something like “we don’t have the budget for custom items,” but custom does not equal expensive! For instance, we had a “U”-shaped stress reliever made for the University of Miami Health System. It’s a great piece that I’ve seen sitting on countless desks, and it did not break the bank. We can have “Silly Bandz” made in the shape and color of your logo for pennies. And completely unique lapel pins and buttons can be produced for less than one dollar.

If your company does have a bit larger budget, then the possibilities are truly limitless. We designed and produced a “flying teacup” for Virgin Atlantic Airways. Then there was a “flamingo in a can” for the opening of the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. And some of my favorite promotional products have been the distinctive acrylic and pewter Miami-themed frames that we created for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Promotional products shouldn’t be throwaways – they should be different and interesting so that they do not end up in the garbage. For the same price as a notebook you can give away something completely unique. To me, that’s a much better bang for your buck.

What is the most creative promotional product you’ve ever given or received? Leave your comments below.

Slam Dunk Promotional Marketing

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photo from

Having season tickets, my husband Nick winds up going to a ton of University of Miami Men’s Basketball games. He enjoys them because the team is generally pretty good, he bumps into a lot of friends, the arena is close, and who doesn’t enjoy junky sporting event food?! While he attends many a game, Nick rarely takes any of the free promotional products that are occasionally given at games (we do not need any more promotional items or UM-themed stuff); however, the team recently honored former player Shane Larkin and he came home with the bobble head!

The somewhat-creepy likeness of this now-Knicks player wound up in my kitchen and I’m ready for him to move along, but for some reason I feel guilty throwing him away – maybe because his gently-moving head seems to shake in dismay when I go to toss him in the garbage. The thing about me is that I’m not one for dust collectors. Give me a promotional product that I can use (a shirt, a water bottle, a cap) and I’m happy to do your marketing for you by sporting it all over town, but I don’t really care for having more branded stuff just sitting around at home.

Fortunately for the ‘Canes, not everyone is like me. Very many people out there love sports memorabilia or collect bobble heads or just love Barry Larkin’s kid enough to want to have him sit on their desk for the foreseeable future. That means that they will be displaying the image of Shane Larkin in his Hurricanes uniform and hopefully inspire people to go to games!

To be a little broader on the topic, people really like bobble heads. They love to touch them and to, well, make their heads bobble. I suspect that when most receive them at, say, a college basketball game, they will keep it for a little while. They might ultimately give it away or just throw it out, but they probably let it hang around for a while. And if they ultimately become collectors, then your giveaway might stay in their display case forever. That’s a slam dunk! Easy marketing with promotional products!

Running Billboard

The Miami Marathon and Half Marathon are coming up. I was an avid runner for years and have done the Half several times. While running is no longer my exercise of choice – I’ll now take The Bar Method over pounding the pavement any day of the week – I do still have a lot of the promotional t-shirts and caps that I received back when it was. Read below and find out just how much free stuff you get when you are a runner! And good luck to all of my friends who are competing in the races!

I started running a couple of years ago.  It’s something that I do a lot; however, I’m usually not particularly fond of it.  What I do enjoy: the free stuff!  When you run in a race, you get tons of goodies!

I recently participated in the ING Miami Half Marathon, and when I went to pick up my race bib I got so much stuff!  I filled my bright orange cinch bag from the University of Miami Health System with a running shirt, a lightweight cap, sports drinks, energy gels, even bandages with a company’s logo!  If I put everything on at once, I’d look like an advertisement for every running product known to mankind, so I just wear one piece at a time and serve as that company’s walking (running) billboard.

If you’d like to see some of my fellow billboards crossing the finish line, watch this YouTube video:

Temporary Tattoos: Brand Your Customers

Temporary Tattoo

Here’s a fun promotional marketing product idea: custom temporary tattoos. They can be printed in four color process, die-cut to any shape, and they last anywhere from 3 days to a week. If someone applies a temporary tat that incorporates your company’s logo, then the wearer could do your marketing for you for 7 days – just by walking around with it on their skin!

Kids love temporary tattoos. Companies like Nickelodeon have actually had them produced with images of their characters, and they sell them. If they are willing to purchase them, you’d better believe that kids will gladly take and proudly wear a free version if your company gives them away.

The tattoos are also popular at sporting events. I cannot tell you how many University of Miami U’s I’ve seen at football tailgates – I also see them at the grocery store before games and at the gym the day after. Contrary to popular belief, adults don’t necessarily wash these items off right away – they happily sport logos until they fade away, providing excellent branding for the company that distributes them.

The best thing about temporary tattoos? They are inexpensive! You can give out thousands without breaking the bank. So when you’re on the market for your next promotional item, ask the Gossett Marketing crew about temporary tattoos.

Unique Promotional Products, Volume 1

photo from

photo from

By and large when our customers approach us looking for promotional marketing items, they want something pretty simple and straightforward: pens, notepads, water bottles, stress relievers. I think those requests are great because those products are things that their target audience will use, and because they are imprinted with my customer’s name, it helps boost their brand’s exposure. But, to be perfectly honest with you, sometimes it gets a little old putting together presentations with the same old stuff, which is why I love it when my customers hit me with oddball ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Rubik’s Cubes: although I’ve never been able to solve one, I can certainly get you custom-printed Rubik’s Cubes. If you give them to your customer, I guarantee that he will test his wits against it!
  • Dog Collars: we had a customer who was doing a dog walk for charity, so she asked for dog collars. Fortunately, we have suppliers who will print them, making Fido and Rex your brand ambassadors. Too cute.
  • Mugs: mugs don’t sound like very exciting promotional products, but when they are in a custom shape they are. We’ve done them in the shape of an airplane and explored several other options (pineapples and University of Miami’s “U”- shaped handles come to mind).
  • USBs: like mugs, USBs don’t sound particularly groundbreaking, but they’re pretty neat when they are in the shape of, say, a cruise ship. We’ve done custom USBs for various cruise lines down here depicting both their ships and their logos, and they look great! Plus, they are a little more fun than the usual thumb drive.
  • Snow Globes: if you have enough time and need enough pieces, then snow globes are a fun route. They can depict your building, your logo, something about your industry…really, your imagination is the only limit.
  • Costumes: does your company have a mascot? Or do you produce a particular type of item? Then why not make a costume to represent that? We have a fruit distributor who wanted to send its employees to trade shows dressed as bananas, and we were actually able to source those outfits for them.

Now that my coworker and I are brainstorming, we’ve come up with tons and tons of different/fun/strange items that our customers have requested of us. I’ll leave you with these six, and maybe they will get your creative juices flowing! Stay tuned for more volumes of unique and different promotional products.

On a different note, can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? Check out this YouTube video and see people who definitely can:

Some Articles You Might Enjoy

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photo from

So I was sick at the beginning of the week, but so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep. I also did not feel well enough to focus on my current book, so I found myself browsing the internet for posts and videos that would entertain me. I liked some of them, so I thought I’d share them with you in this, my weekly free-for-all blog post. Here goes.

The University of Miami football and basketball teams have been under investigation by the NCAA seemingly forever. This piece from the Miami Herald breaks it all down for you.

My husband Nick and I loved seeing Penn & Teller perform, so when I saw something about Penn Jillette, I clicked on it. Um…he’s selling his ponytail! (article from

I enjoyed reading PSFK’s article about why and how retailers need to emulate their high-end counterparts in order to succeed. Prada’s brick and mortar expansion is huge!

While this isn’t the newest news, I think it’s fabulous that McDonald’s is giving books for the first two weeks of November. I wonder how the kids will feel? (link from

And lastly, this YouTube video of kids and employees of Dartmouth Children’s Hospital performing Katy Perry’s “Roar” is so uplifting!

Extreme Promotional Products

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You might not watch as much football as I end up watching on the weekends. In my household we root for the University of Miami and the Miami Dolphins, neither of whom played this past weekend, yet we saw our fair share of both college and NFL games! I enjoy football, I really do, but after a while my attention starts to drift and I find myself looking at the mascots, the funny outfits fans are wearing, and often the cheerleaders. I wish I had watched the University of Oregon game during my football binge because then I might have seen the amazing promotional products that their cheer squad was wearing: imprinted contact lenses!

I can’t make this up. The Ducks are known for wearing super snazzy uniforms on the football field, but they have nothing on their cheerleading team. The cheerleaders tweeted a picture that showed four of their eyes wearing green contacts with the team’s yellow “O” stamped prominently upon them. The photo, which is shown above, is undeniably creepy, but boy oh boy does it show team spirit!

Imprinted contact lenses are an extreme example of custom promotional products, but they just go to show you that the marketing opportunities are endless with promo items. I live in Miami, have never been to the Pacific Northwest, don’t cheer for the team, and I’m still blogging about the Oregon cheerleaders for anyone in the world to read. I have to say, that’s an effective promotional product.

Miamians Networking in Napa

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce invades Napa!

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce invades Napa!

When I started Gossett Marketing 22 years ago I felt it was important to become active in the community. So I jumped in with both feet – joining the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Women Business Owners, becoming a mentor for the University of Miami School of business and so much more. And my business grew as a result.

Today, I think it’s still important to be an engaged member of our community. I am a Trustee and Board member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and am the chair of their Good to Great Awards. I’ve had colleagues question if all the time, expense and energy is worth it. My answer is YES on so many levels.

My business continues to grow as a result of my involvement. But “involvement” is the key. You can’t just join and expect people to know who you are and use your services. The adage still stands – “people like to do business with people they know and trust.” And while maintaining a relationship online keeps you in touch, in my opinion you still develop a deeper relationship in person.

When I joined the Greater Miami Chamber I was also encouraged to join the Membership committee. And believing in chambers as I do, it was a natural yes.

Each year, the Greater Miami Chamber has a Membership Campaign with team challenges, prizes and events to encourage members to introduce prospects to the benefits of a chamber membership. At the end of the “drive” those that qualify by bringing in memberships and sponsorships are rewarded with the annual Membership Campaign trip.

This year the trip was to Napa Valley California. And I was one of 31 who enjoyed an amazing four days visiting a variety of wineries, restaurants and enjoying amazing weather. And, talk about spending some quality time with clients and prospects.

I have to admit, while I had met most of the people before, I can say I only truly knew about 30%. Now, I can say I’ve shared more than one glass of wine with them all. There were representatives from Baptist Health South Florida, City National Bank, Dosal Capital, Great Florida Bank, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, MDO Partners, RBB Partners, Conroy Martinez, Victoria & Associates, University of Miami and more.

While it wasn’t a “business” trip per se I am sure these companies now know who I am and I think we can all say on some level networking was going on. If only to find out about new places to try for free happy hour champagne (thanks CL).

Next year the trip is to Boston and I plan to qualify again. Because it’s a great group of people that I would like to get to know even better. Cheers!

Would you be a Promotional Product?

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photo from

As an Account Director at Gossett Marketing, I spend a lot of time thinking about company logos and the best way to get the most number of eyes to see them – namely with promotional products. Giving away imprinted promotional items can give a corporation a tremendous return on their investment. For instance, if the University of Miami gives a student a bag with its iconic “U” logo, it could make approximately 5,700 impressions over its lifetime. That’s a lot of people seeing that logo, meaning excellent marketing for the school. With statistics like those for bags, it’s easy to see why I like promotional products – they work!

I think that it is a great idea to put your logo on products and give them to customers and employees who then utilize them and effectively do your marketing for you, but I’m not sold on getting a logo tattoo.  However, people out there are doing just that and are reaping benefits for their permanent ads. I’m not joking. I was recently watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on FoodNetwork (don’t judge me, it’s excellent mindless entertainment) and Guy Fieri visited a grilled cheese joint in Cleveland called Melt. This particular restaurant has three logos, and if a patron chooses to have one – or a variation of one – tattooed on his body, then he gets 25% off any purchase for life! Then there is the Rapid Realty in New York, which encourages its employees get its logo tattooed by offering a 15% raise to anyone who does so. I have never been interested in getting inked, but a 15% raise might make me think twice about it. And if I worked for them, then tattooing the logo on myself would show my company loyalty and market the organization to boot.

Offering discounts, raises, and the like to those individuals willing to get your company’s logo tattooed on their bodies is a kooky marketing strategy to be sure, but it’s also a clever strategy. It generates a lot of buzz nationwide, it doesn’t cost the company very much, and it means that patrons/employees serve as promotional marketing products for the organization – forever!


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