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UM Sunglasses
Although we try to make it as easy as possible, I understand that purchasing promotional marketing products can sometimes seem like a daunting task. You’re generally buying thousands of items at once, so you definitely want to get it right! No one wants 2,500 bags in a color that clashes with their logo! The good news is, we are now able to provide “virtual samples” prior to your order. These virtuals show a particular product, in the color that you prefer, with your company’s logo in the location and colors that you’re considering.

Virtual samples are a great tool that we can offer, at no cost, for most of our promotional products. So if you like to look before you leap, ask your friendly Gossett Marketing representative for virtual samples prior to placing your order!

If you look above, you can see a virtual that we provided the University of Miami for some really fabulous sunglasses. The virtual below was for Royal Caribbean International – it’s a notebook with several different imprint methods. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’d like to see some virtual samples for items that you’re interested in, leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail!

Royal Caribbean Notebook

Wacky Promotional Products

Sports Drink Dispensers

If you’ve ever read the “Promotional Marketing Tips” section of our blog, then you probably know that I’m a big advocate of promotional products that are useful, but also those that are distinctive. For the most part, I think that giveaways should be handy because the more times a logoed promo item is utilized, the more times your logo will be exposed to new audiences. However, not every practical product is going to be used because, well, sometimes practical can be dull. Take a white t-shirt as an example: it is certainly functional, but it’s pretty boring – this might not entice its recipient to wear it, so your marketing dollars are wasted.

As you can see, the majority of the time I (like everyone at Gossett Marketing) advocate taking a unique-but-useful approach to promotional products. But every now and again I like to throw you a curveball – a totally wacky promo item that enhances your marketing because it’s a weird conversation piece, not because it’s practical at all. And boy do I have one of those for you today!

While perusing the most recent Advantages magazine, Danette stumbled across a sports themed drink tube. It’s a drink dispenser with a 100 oz. capacity that is designed to showcase a particular sport. You’ll notice that the image above has a football helmet for a base, but there are also hockey, baseball, and basketball options. Now, I’m sure that these dispensers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think that they are excellent giveaways for teams. I can imagine the Miami Dolphins or Miami Marlins putting their logos on the base of the football or baseball versions, respectively, and giving them to season ticket buyers to either utilize at their tailgate parties or to simply have at home – perhaps in their “man caves” or memorabilia rooms. Whether they are taken to events or they sit on a shelf, they’re going to attract attention, which will definitely get the teams’ logos noticed by sports fans – and maybe that will motivate them to, in turn, buy their own tickets!

I truly believe that the majority of your company’s promotional marketing budget should be spent on practical but distinctive items; however, it doesn’t hurt to go a little crazy every now and again. Maybe sports-themed drink dispensers aren’t for you, but I know that, no matter what your industry, there is something fun and unique out there that can serve as a conversation piece and enhance your marketing!

How to Give Effective Promotional Products

Lip Balm I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: when you give away logoed promotional products, be sure to give away items that your customers will actually use. That way, they will see your company’s logo whenever they utilize the gift you’ve given them, and, better yet, if they have it with them in public, then they will be marketing your company all around town!

If you regularly read Gossett Marketing’s blog, then you know that I always recommend imprinted bags as giveaways. I also tout the virtues of embroidered polo shirts, brand name merchandise, and even water bottles – they are all items that individuals appreciate and put to good use. Some other great promotional marketing products are truly indispensable: consider giving away toiletry items.

It sounds weird to say that you should give away logoed toiletries, but I’m not talking about imprinted nail polish (although that is an option!). The cosmetic products that I like are things like lip balm, packets of sunscreen, and even hand sanitizers. These are unisex items that people actually carry around with them and use in public, so if they have a snazzy imprint on them, then they will catch the eye of those around the user. The latter two items (sunscreen and hand sanitizers) are also frequently shared – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a spritz of another person’s sanitizer spray. When that happens, your logo is literally in the hands of another potential customer. You can’t ask for better marketing!

Not only are toiletry products useful promotional marketing tools, but they’re also inexpensive! So the next time you need a fun giveaway that will give your logo exposure time and again, consider one of these fabulous items.

Just for kicks, click on this YouTube video, which shows “beauty tips” from Ursula, the sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid:

Honoring Nurses

photo from

photo from

National Nurses Week runs from May 6th through the 12th. It is a time to recognize the service of nurses, who are often the unsung heroes of the healthcare industry. As I have mentioned in the past, here at Gossett Marketing we do a tremendous amount of promotional products for various hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices so we have produced many an order for Nurses Week. Here are some of my favorites:

Power Banks – Tech items are the hottest things going in our industry right now and power banks might be the most popular type of product in that category. We all have personal electronics equipment with us all of the time, right? Sometimes the battery wears out and we have no access to a plug (or – yucky! – we have to sit on the floor to reach one), so having a handheld power source can be a Godsend in desperate situations. One of our hospital chains gave imprinted power banks to their nurses and the gifts were a hit!

Bags – We regularly produce bags for Nurses Week. We have done duffels, backpacks, boat totes and the like and always get good feedback for these gifts. Why? Because who can’t use one?! The best part is that these are either imprinted or embroidered with a logo and then carried throughout the community, effectively doing branding all around town.

Trunk Organizers – When you think of nurses you probably don’t think about the trunks of their cars, but trunk organizers were one of the most popular items we have every done for any organization’s Nurses Week gifts. These are collapsible storage containers that are placed in a trunk and keep things tidy in the back of a car. They are super useful but they might not be the type of products that a nurse (or anyone) thinks to go out and buy themselves, but once they have one they don’t know how they ever lived without it.

Picnic Blankets – Like trunk organizers, picnic blankets are not items that most people think to purchase for themselves; however, they are surprisingly handy to have. While most of us do not regularly picnic, you can bring these to tailgates, use them at the beach or at a park, or just in the backyard. That is potentially good brand exposure!

Anything that you can do to support nurses is excellent – thank them for their hard work, give them a hug, or, better yet, give them a gift! And if that gift is a promotional marketing product then all the better!

Presidential Promotional Products

photo from

photo from

Recently I wrote a post about the importance of online promotional products stores. As I mentioned, they are a great internal tool because they help keep a brand’s identity consistent. They are also ideal for those organizations who want to sell imprinted promotional products in order to both make money and to promote their cause. Although I had not thought of these online stores in terms of presidential campaigns, it makes perfect sense that people in that (endless) race would have stores of their own.

I recently opened Yahoo and stumbled upon a very thorough article documenting the importance of promotional marketing items to presidential campaigns. Its author, Olivier Knox, has done a very thorough job of researching and explaining this to readers. Click here to check out his article and be sure to let me know if you’ve seen any memorable campaign souvenirs on your own. No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, you have to admit that “Hillary’s Hard Drive” is awfully amusing!

Why Online Promo Products Stores?

photo from

photo from

As any reader of this blog well knows, I work at Gossett Marketing and we are a promotional products distributorship located in Coconut Grove, Florida. That means that we sell the imprinted promo items that keep your logo in front of your customer 24/7. Traditionally promos are sold when we talk to a customer, determine the type of product that they need, make suggestions, secure the order, process it, and have it delivered. Pretty straightforward. Well, we’ve found a way to make ordering even easier – by offering our customers their own online promotional products stores!

Online stores can work a couple of ways. One is to have a traditional internet-based marketplace where imprinted promotional products are sold directly to the public. So if someone is particularly passionate about, say, a hotel chain, they would be able to buy its branded items. The other way to handle a promotional products online store is to create one that is for a company’s internal use: this is the way we have been creating and utilizing them lately.

We do a lot of work for large, decentralized companies. They all have their own marketing departments who determine their logo standards, but very often that information is slow to trickle to each and every affiliated entity. Therefore, although the organization is only supposed to give away promotional products with its logo imprinted in a specific PMS purple color, very often the distant branches might miss the memo and give away orange-logoed pens. That’s not great for creating a consistent brand, which is why a corporate online store is an excellent way to ensure continuity.

When we set up online stores we tend to work with an organization’s marketing department to select appropriate promotional items – very often it’s hundreds per store! – so that when it is mandated that their promo products must be ordered through the online store they know each item lives up to brand standards. Additionally, when we sit down with a marketing department to better understand the types of items they feel comfortable imprinting with their company’s logo we are also able to learn more about their logos. So when a distant branch wants that pen with an orange imprint, we can nip that in the bud pronto!

Whether you are interested in selling your promotional marketing materials directly to the public or if you would just like for those types of items to consistently reflect your brand standards, you should definitely consider taking the plunge and setting up an online store!

Brand Building – and Profitting with Promo Items

My husband recently got a new car – an Audi (fancy!). He loves it, and I love how the company handles its promotional marketing! You see, he purchased the car and a few weeks later he received a large envelope in the mail. Upon opening it, he found a letter from the president attached to a product catalog with an Audi-branded paperclip.

The catalog is chock full of logoed Audi products. One can purchase anything from a branded golf towel to a leather tote to a sports car driving experience. And because people are proud of owning luxury cars, I’m sure that very many individuals who receive the catalog buy a logoed knick-knack or two. This is excellent brand exposure for the car company, and it’s also making them a decent profit – their markups are not insignificant on the items that I recognize!

Anyhow, I thought that sending a catalog to a car owner who loves his sweet new ride was a smart move by Audi. It might increase their brand visibility, it certainly makes them money each time anyone purchases from said catalog, and, little did they know it, but it got them a blog post!

Promotional “Real Estate”

Living in South Florida, real estate is always a hot topic.  It’s hot in the promotional marketing business too, but to us the most valuable piece of property is your client’s desktop.  We want your promo piece to get there and to stay there because if that happens, then your customer will see your logo every time he or she sits down at his or her desk.

Tons of items can take up “desktop real estate” – stress relievers, letter openers, and paperweights will all do it.  But for the most impact, I always recommend something fun and unique.  My new favorite: the Ecosphere.  Originally designed by NASA, it is basically an enclosed fish bowl that houses live marine shrimp and never needs feeding or cleaning.  The shrimp tend to last for 2-3 years, but one actually lived for 10!  Your logo can be laser engraved on the Ecosphere, and I can all but guarantee that it is an item that will sit on your client’s desk and get noticed – a great real estate purchase!

Take a look at this YouTube video to see what I’m talking about!

Is it a Promotional Product?

photo from

photo from

I attended the Coconut Grove Arts Festival this year and one thing that struck me was the sheer number of businesses that were raffling off items. You could add your contact information to an insurance company’s email list and be entered for a chance to win basketball tickets, if you listened to a pitch about a new real estate development then you could have won a bike, and – my personal favorite – if you went to the H&H Jewels tent then you had the opportunity to obtain raffle tickets and a prize was given away each hour!

Full disclosure: I am an H&H customer. I think they have beautiful pieces and that their customer service is excellent. But I also have to say that I think they won the Grove Arts Festival’s promotional marketing and their social media. You see, the jeweler announced the winners of its various raffles over Facebook and showed the beautiful pieces of jewelry that each winner received. Which leads me to my question: are these bejeweled giveaways promotional marketing products?

Although a piece of jewelry is nothing like a logoed t-shirt or an embroidered bag – either of which would distinctly promote a brand by showing people its name – I do think that the jewelry items raffled off by H&H Jewels do serve as promo materials. Why? Because each and every time the recipient wears her bauble she will think about how she got it, and because I’d be willing to bet that she will tell someone the story behind the piece! Therefore that one piece of jewelry will provide excellent brand recall for the wearer and a good dose of word of mouth marketing for those around her.

So, although pieces of fine jewelry are not your typical promotional marketing materials, I do think that they fit the bill quite nicely in this situation. Well done, H&H Jewels! Next year I just need to win the raffle!

Food & Flip Flops: Promotional Party Favors

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

February might be the best time of the year to be in Miami. Which is why it is our month of festivals. We have a boat show, a huge arts festival, smaller arts fests, and, of course, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. I will not have the opportunity to attend this year’s SoBe Fest, but I have been on several occasions in the past. Check out this article from our archives to see some of the fun loot I’ve picked up at the amazing events!

Like last weekend, this weekend will be a busy one in Miami because two major events are happening: the South Miami Arts Festival the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. I am going to attend both, but I am particularly excited about the Wine & Food Fest.

The Wine & Food Festival is a huge annual event produced by Food Network and sponsored by Food & Wine magazine. It is a four day event that features celebrity chefs from around the world who spend the weekend in South Florida, giving lectures, doing demonstrations, and just hanging around at the parties. There are numerous events around town, including a “tasting tent,” lessons on cooking with kids, brunches hosted by Food Network personalities. My favorites, though, are the events that take place on the sand behind the Ritz Carlton. I’m happy to say that I will be attending one of these – the Food Trucks on the Beach closing party!

A couple of years ago I went to the Amstel Light Beer & Burger Bash, which was also on South Beach’s actual sand. I was apprehensive about attending, though, because I was wearing really great shoes and I didn’t want to mess them up, but nor did I want to carry them around all night. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the Festival organizers had thought of that! They had designated “Shoe Butlers” who would check your heels for you, but they didn’t leave you barefoot – they gave all of the attendees logoed flip flops to wear at the event, which we got to keep. I must admit, I wore my flip flops well after the close of the Festival – they were comfortable and I live in Miami, so I’m a flip flop gal. The strap had a subtle imprint, so everywhere I went, I was promoting the Festival, which meant that I was also doing marketing for Food Network and Food & Wine. That kind of party favor is worth every penny: it keeps guests happy and comfortable, plus if gives your brand exposure long after the party ends. A promotional marketing win-win for me and for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

I can’t wait to report back about Food Trucks on the Beach! Until then, check out this YouTube video all about the Festival….mouthwatering!


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