Temporary Tattoos: Brand Your Customers

Temporary Tattoo

Here’s a fun promotional marketing product idea: custom temporary tattoos. They can be printed in four color process, die-cut to any shape, and they last anywhere from 3 days to a week. If someone applies a temporary tat that incorporates your company’s logo, then the wearer could do your marketing for you for 7 days – just by walking around with it on their skin!

Kids love temporary tattoos. Companies like Nickelodeon have actually had them produced with images of their characters, and they sell them. If they are willing to purchase them, you’d better believe that kids will gladly take and proudly wear a free version if your company gives them away.

The tattoos are also popular at sporting events. I cannot tell you how many University of Miami U’s I’ve seen at football tailgates – I also see them at the grocery store before games and at the gym the day after. Contrary to popular belief, adults don’t necessarily wash these items off right away – they happily sport logos until they fade away, providing excellent branding for the company that distributes them.

The best thing about temporary tattoos? They are inexpensive! You can give out thousands without breaking the bank. So when you’re on the market for your next promotional item, ask the Gossett Marketing crew about temporary tattoos.

A Truly Terrible Promotional Product

I know I talk about Miami sports a lot in our blog, and I apologize for being so focused on our local teams, but the Heat recently won the NBA Finals and we’re all still really excited about it around these parts. The city and I will get over it soon (we’re famously fickle fans), so you won’t have to read about Miami basketball for too much longer, I promise!

You may or may not know that the Heat picked up a new player during this past season. Chris Andersen became a team member in January and has been an excellent acquisition for my hometown team: in fact, he was one of only five Heat players to score in Game 7 of the Finals. Birdman, as he is known, is also one of the most colorful players in the NBA, and I mean that literally – he is absolutely covered in brightly-hued tattoos! According to this blog post from 2012, 45% of his upper body is tattooed.

Suffice it to say that Birdman is a notably-“tatted” person (who most fans might not even recognize if they didn’t see the stars on his ears or “Free Bird” across his neck). So when the NBA Store issued memorabilia to commemorate the 2013 Championship, wouldn’t it make sense that the bobblehead representing Chris Andersen would depict him with his body ink? Well, weirdly, the doll that they are selling features absolutely no tattoos!

Pro sports are littered with bad bobblehead likenesses, as you can see by clicking here. But Birdman’s missing tattoos are a pretty egregious error in my book, as their absence means that his toy is missing the signature part of his look. I don’t know if excluding his tattoos was a calculated move by the NBA or if it was a mistake, but either way it makes his celebratory bobblehead a truly terrible promotional marketing product. Take a look at the image below – what do you think?

photo from realgm.com

photo from realgm.com

Neat Gadget: A Pen that Writes in Any Color

Color Picker Pen As I’ve mentioned before, my friends and family know that I blog at least three times per week, so when they see something interesting, relevant, or useful to the blog they are kind enough to send them my way. My husband recently saw an item on Twitter that he thought would be a neat promotional product, and I think he’s right. It’s called the “Color Picker Pen” by Jinsu Park and Nick learned about it from Geekologie, a blog that he follows.

The Color Picker Pen is a really neat concept (that is not actually in production) – you scan an object with its sensor and it automatically mixes ink to exactly match it. Think about how cool that could be from a branding standpoint! You could scan your logo color and sign checks in that color, or you could give a customer a thank you gift whose note is written in your company’s signature hue.

The Color Picker Pen would also be a neat giveaway in and of itself. I think that if you imprinted your logo upon it and gave it to your customer, the sheer novelty of the writing instrument would lead that customer to show it off – and in doing so, he’d show off your logo too.

Hopefully The Color Picker Pen will one day exist because I think that it would be a fabulous promotional marketing product. But until then, be sure to contact the gang here at Gossett Marketing for your traditional writing instrument needs.

Oreo Marketing: Put Your Name on a Cookie

oreo cookie Fun fact: Super Bowl XLVII marked the first time in its history that Oreo advertised its delicious sandwich cookies during the Big Game. I was surprised when I learned this, as Oreo is a venerable brand and it seems as though all of the large, respected corporations run ads during the event (I’m looking at you, Coke and Budweiser). I really liked the Oreo commercial, which you can watch by clicking on the video below – the cop whispering on the bullhorn was really clever!

Whether you prefer the cookie or the crème, I have news for you – we can put your logo on Oreos! Yes, everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie can be dunked in white chocolate, rolled in sprinkles, and your company’s logo and/or contact information can then be digitally imprinted on top of the cookie. What a neat promotional marketing product. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t care for Oreos? I sure haven’t, so unlike giving away a stress ball at a tradeshow (which people might not take because they don’t feel like they need another one), everyone will take a branded Oreo. If they eat it, then they will notice your logo as it nears their face, or if they decide that they do not need the calories, then they’ll probably give it away – which gives your company even more name/logo exposure.

imprinted oreo

Oreo can market its cookies by purchasing wildly expensive airtime during the Super Bowl (and by sending out well-timed tweets), but, unfortunately, most companies do not have the resources to do so. We can piggyback on the brand’s success, though, by imprinting its most famous product – the Oreo sandwich cookie – with our names and giving those to happy recipients!

Do you think the cookie or the crème is better? Watch this YouTube clip and you’ll know what I’m talking about:

A Great Tribute that’s Great Marketing

ray lewis baltimore ravens
I am a Miami native and my husband works for the University of Miami, so although I didn’t attend UM, I am a pretty ardent Hurricanes fan. As such, I tend to pay attention when I hear about The U’s famous alums – and one of those has been in the news quite a bit lately. In case you missed it, Ray Lewis, who played for UM from 1993-1995, recently announced that he will retire from the NFL at the end of the season. Well, fortunately for his fans his team, the Baltimore Ravens, has gone deep into the playoffs! One Baltimore hotel is using this as an opportunity to celebrate Lewis’s career, the team’s success, and to gain a fair bit of publicity.

Before every home game, Ray Lewis famously eats a clump of turf and dances “the squirrel.” He slides left and right, sort of wiggles, and then roars in excitement – his signature dance has been pumping up Baltimore crowds for 17 years! Well, the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront has created a laser light show of the squirrel, which is being projected onto the side of the building nightly until the linebacker’s last game. It’s a remarkably accurate rendition, and I for one think that it’s a great tribute to the star. It also happens to be turning the side of their building into a giant movie screen – a screen that also happens to display the hotel chain’s logo. The display is attracting locals, tourists, and the national media (I read about the laser show on Yahoo). If you ask me, the hotel is turning itself into a kind of promotional marketing product for itself!

Whether you love or loathe Ray Lewis, his dance is undeniably fun and I know I’ll miss seeing it. Click on this YouTube video and you too can enjoy “the squirrel” as a laser show:

Promote Health in 2013 (it’s great marketing)

gym It’s the very beginning of the New Year, which means that most of us are probably still sticking to our resolutions. I feel like the majority of these resolutions have to do with health – people want to lose weight, exercise more, and generally improve their well-being. I know that I, for one, have been eating at least one piece of fruit every day (fruit isn’t my favorite but I know it’s good for me, so I’m trying to make a habit of reaching for it more often…as opposed to the scoop of peanut butter that would normally assuage my sweet tooth). It’s hard to stick to New Year’s Resolutions, so this is the perfect time of year to give away items that promote a healthy lifestyle, which will help your employees and customers remain resolute while marketing your company.

For example, the best fitness-related promotional marketing product that I have received is a Headsweats running visor, given to me by Team FootWorks. Headsweats is a known brand name in the running community, and for good reason: their products are great! My particular visor is incredibly light-weight, keeps sweat out of my eyes, and washes well, so I wear it every single time I run. That’s great for FootWorks because it is imprinted with their logo, so everyone who sees me run by has the opportunity to see their name! My Headsweats visor was probably on the expensive side, but because I have worn it probably 100 times and it’s been seen by dozens of people during each run, that logo’s rate of exposure is exceptionally high, making the $20-ish that they spent a worthy investment.

I can completely understand if you don’t want to spend $20 on health-related promotional products, and fortunately you don’t have to! I think that water bottles and gym towels are both excellent promotional products because people do carry them around. Even if your employee isn’t on a health kick, if you give him a nice, insulated water bottle, then chances are he’ll utilize it – or give it to someone who does hit the gym, who will bring your logo with them when they work out. Similarly, a gym towel is a wonderful giveaway because really anyone can use them. Whether you spin, practice yoga, or even golf, small towels are useful – and they have a large imprint area, meaning that your logo is visible to anyone in the vicinity!

I could keep suggesting fitness-related promotional products, but I think you’d get bored and leave the blog, so I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that healthy promos are a great way to help your customers and employees stick to their New Year’s resolutions, plus they get your company’s name out into the community, so they’re really an ideal giveaway any time of year.

And if your New Year’s resolution involves weird and hilarious exercises for your face, click on this YouTube video – this is for you!

Making The Best of the Holiday Season for Business

to do list I love this time of year – the parties, gift exchanges, cookies, and decorations are all such fun! But with most people focused on the Holidays and so many people traveling, I have to admit that the weeks around Christmas and New Years are somewhat slow at work. However, after the rush of Holiday gift orders, I must admit that I relish the calm, and I’m sure to make the most of them.

My first work priority during this relatively stress-free time is always organization. At Gossett Marketing, we order hundreds of promotional marketing product samples annually, and although we try to keep them straight, they always seem to end up getting thrown into random cabinets when we need to clean up our conference room table for meetings! So right now, while the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, is a great time for us to sort samples by supplier, see if any have been discontinued (we donate those items), and put them in the right place: something that we can’t do on hectic days!

When I’m tired of digging through boxes of samples, I like to write out plans for the next year. For example, today I’m going to plot out my networking strategy for 2013. I don’t know about you, but I forget anything that’s not written down and that holds true for my networking. I might come up with a great approach to successfully doing so, but if I don’t have it actually on my to-do list or pinned to my bulletin board, I’m much more apt to ignore my plan. Seeing my networking ideas on a regular basis, though, is almost like nagging myself – which will force me to actually put my plan in action.

The lull that the Holidays provide is also an excellent time to knock out the little odds and ends that I haven’t had time to take care of. I clean out my e-mail, organize our art files, catch up on social media. Just stuff that gets overlooked when I have events to attend and quotes to write. It’s nice to start the New Year with a clean slate, so I love tackling these little projects that might have fallen by the wayside.

Do you have any suggestions to help me take advantage of slower-paced workdays during the Holiday season? If so, please share them in the comments – I’d love more ideas!

Why & How to be Memorable at Events

stand out from the crowd I was recently at a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon where, during the networking portion of the event, I had great conversations with very interesting people. I learned a lot about their businesses, they learned a lot about my roll at Gossett Marketing, and I walked away from our encounters with the understanding that we would follow up with one another and try to work together in the future. Then came the actually luncheon portion of the program – I had talked to so many people during our designated networking time that I had to grab one of the only seats that was left. As it turns out, my table mates were all accountants or lawyers and when we went around to introduce themselves, that’s all they said. No one said “I’m an accountant specializing in X and I’m looking to expand my business by connecting with Y.” No one explained that she was an attorney who sought to grow her corporate litigation practice in Latin America. It was just, “my name is Mary and I’m an accountant” or “I’m Joe and I’m a lawyer.” You know what? Although I sat with these people for much longer than I spent with the individuals I met during the networking half-hour, when I left the event I barely remembered them!

The point of that little tale is to point out how important it is to differentiate yourself at networking events. There are lots of accountants and attorneys out there – there are lots of promotional marketing product distributors running around too – so if you want to get noticed you need to make yourself and your business stand out from the pack. For example, when I introduce myself to someone at an event, my elevator speech includes the fact that I am an Account Executive at Gossett Marketing, a certified woman-owned business that has been around for 20 years and that while we do provide our customers with “standard” promos, our specialty is completely custom giveaways. If the person that I’m speaking to wants more, then I elaborate by telling them that we are the exclusive promotional products supplier for Baptist Health South Florida and explain the online store and incentive programs we’ve created for the company. Sure, it’s a lot to fit into about 30 seconds, but I think (I hope) it makes me memorable. If nothing else, it provides sufficient information to start a conversation.

I can see how some people might not be comfortable telling total strangers all about their job, but that’s what you’re at a networking event for, right? If you tell me that you’re a lawyer and that’s all the information you’re willing to volunteer, then we’re going to part ways and probably never speak to one another again. But if you tell me that you love being an immigration attorney because you form such a deep bond with your clients, then I’ll remember you! It doesn’t take much to make yourself memorable – elaborate on what you do, tell me what kind of business you’re trying to gain at the event, heck, tell me about your dog! Just do something to make yourself memorable, and I’ll try to do the same so that we can both benefit from meeting one another.

Fleece Jackets: Marketing For Warm Climates Too

fleece jackets
Gossett Marketing is situated in tropical Coconut Grove, Florida and most of our customers are South Florida-based, so you wouldn’t think that we’d sell very much outerwear. Well, you’d be wrong if you made that assumption! You see, not only is fleece great for cooler climates, it is also excellent as an extra layer in chilly offices or, in the case of many of our customers, hospitals. In this YouTube video Rob, our representative from SanMar, shows us a variety of different and stylish options. Take a look!

No matter where you are located, a fleece jacket (embroidered with your company’s logo, of course) would be a great gift for employees and customers alike. A cozy promotional marketing product that is sure to be used and noticed!

A Real-World Example of Effective Promotional Marketing

Jonathan Vilma Brother Jimmy's On Saturday my husband Nick and I met some friends at a new bar/restaurant where we watched the [horrible] University of Miami football game. The restaurant, called Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, is an offshoot of a small New York City chain and is part owned by football player Jonathan Vilma. For those of you who don’t know, Vilma plays for the New Orleans Saints and was one of the players suspended in the “BountyGate” scandal. He was not supposed to play at all this season, but he appealed the Commissioner’s ruling and got it overturned late Friday afternoon. Upon learning that he would, in fact, be eligible to play in the NFL this year, Vilma tweeted “VICTORY IS MINE!!!”

Someone at Brother Jimmy’s was very smart and used the football star’s tweet to the restaurant’s marketing advantage. You see, about halfway through the ‘Canes game the bartenders and waitresses began passing out imprinted t-shirts to anyone who wanted them. They had the Brother Jimmy’s logo on the left chest, and on the back they read “VICTORY IS MINE!!!” with the logo below. Everyone in the restaurant got a shirt, and seemingly everyone immediately took a picture of themselves with it – most of which, I assume, were posted on Facebook (the picture is of Nick with his shirt, and I posted it within 10 minutes of receiving the shirt). That is fabulous social media exposure for Brother Jimmy’s BBQ. Beyond that, though, everyone who put on the shirt and left the restaurant still sporting it was getting the word out that Brother Jimmy’s is now open. Nick went to Shake Shack after leaving the BBQ joint, so everyone who spied him there was exposed to their logo – that’s great marketing to a large audience!

Brother Jimmy’s is a great example of effectively utilizing a timely promotional marketing product. Not every business is owned by an exonerated NFL star, so a t-shirt of a tweet won’t work for everyone, but almost any company can capitalize on changes in the weather, holidays, and the like. Make sure that the promotional items that you give out are timely so that you get the most bang for your marketing buck!


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