Top 5 Twitter Errors

Twitter Error

I have been handling the majority of Gossett Marketing’s social media for about a year now, so I’m getting more comfortable blogging and interacting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Having somewhat of a handle on the various sites has also allowed me to understand what not to do. So many self-proclaimed social media “gurus” make egregious errors that are so easily avoided! Because of its fast pace, I find that these mistakes stand out the most on Twitter, so I am going to focus on that networking site for this post. Here are the top 5 Twitter errors that hold people back:

  1. Having no biography. If you don’t have a quick, informative blurb about yourself, then I am simply not going to follow you. You can’t take the time to tell the Twitterverse about yourself, so why are you going to take the time to get to know me?
  2. Having a horrible biography. I’m constantly amazed by the number of bios that I read that contain profanity or are sexually explicit. I do not follow those people! And I tend to stay away from people who have huge spelling or grammatical errors – if they can’t pull together 140 characters correctly, then chances are they won’t share meaningful content.
  3. Not having a picture. Our Twitter account, @MarketngTidbits, has over 2,000 followers and we follow about that many people ourselves. I use other accounts’ pictures as a quick and easy way to identify them. Some people really like photos of the account holder, but I’ll take anything: your logo, your face, your dog, just something that helps me pick you out of a lineup.
  4. Tweeting the same thing all of the time. I understand that most of the Twitter accounts that I follow are business related, so they try to focus on that. I recognize that I can get very myopic and talk about marketing all day long! But I don’t tweet the exact same information 17 times in a row, and I don’t think you should either. I know that you’re proud of your latest blog post, but if you throw it into your followers’ faces continuously, then they will stop paying attention to you (they might even unfollow). Give us some useful and varied info about your subject of choice – it’s all about content!
  5. Not letting conversations end. OK, the key to successful Twitter networking is engagement, and I know that I love to talk to my Twitter friends. However, sometimes our conversations need to end! For example, when I give @faketwitter a #FF mention and he thanks me, I usually say something like “you’re welcome, have a great weekend!” To me, that should be that. @faketwitter does not need to respond with an emoticon! If @faketwitter and I were having a conversation in person and I said, “have a great weekend” and walked away, he wouldn’t tap me on the shoulder to give me a goofy smile – treat Twitter like you would a real conversation.

Actually, I think #5 is a good stopping point. Treat the people on Twitter like you would people at a typical networking event. Don’t beat them over the head with the same sentence, let conversations stop naturally, and present yourself in a good light (both as a picture and in your biography). Basically, be a normal but engaging human being and you never know who you’ll meet or where your normal but engaging interactions will take you!

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Emergency Promotional Products

Hurricane Andrew Ahhh, summer in Miami! While the whole Gossett Marketing team loves living here, summertime is definitely not South Florida’s best season, and we only have the weather to blame. Heat, humidity, daily rainstorms, plus the threat of hurricanes…aren’t we lucky?!

We were actually briefly threatened with a tropical storm recently. It didn’t amount to anything, but it was a good chance to make sure our “hurricane kits” were ready to go. If you do not live in the tropics, you might not be familiar with such a kit – it’s a stash of water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, etc. that are necessary in the event of a major storm. I looked through mine during our brief flirtation with inclement weather, and I was amazed by how many promotional products have made their way in! I have copies of important documents (insurance records and whatnot) in a plastic sleeve from Suntrust. One of my flashlights was a gift with purchase from Ace Hardware. My cat’s supplies were in a bag that included a pet-preparedness checklist from her vet. And I had a first aid kit from the University of Miami.

I hope that I don’t have to utilize my kit this year, but if a big storm comes, I’m very happy to have it. And I’m grateful that I haven’t had to purchase all of my supplies. The hurricane-preparedness items that I’ve received from various companies give their brand exposure every time my family and I look at them, plus they’re quite handy to me!

Even if your company isn’t in hurricane country, surely your customers must need some sort of emergency kit. Maybe they are on the west coast and face earthquakes. Or they’re in the northeast and they need to be prepared for another “snowpocalypse.” No matter where they are, your giveaways can help ready them for an emergency – and your logo will get exposure to boot!

Promos: Practicing What We Preach

Self Promos
As Account Director here at Gossett Marketing, it is my job to tell people (my blog readers included) about why they should purchase and give away promotional products imprinted with their own logos. If you read this blog or attend meetings or networking events with me, you might say that I beat you over the head with info on promos, but I really do believe that they work. Well, I thought that today I would take the opportunity to let you know that I/we here at Gossett practice what we preach. Our offices are loaded with our own promotional items and we give them out wherever we go, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to receive any of our promo gifts I thought I’d fill you in on what we like to give out. Here is our most recent lineup of promotional products:

  • Hand Sanitizers – We have two hand sanitizer sprays in our present arsenal. I recommend giving away the FDA-approved variety that has 62% alcohol, that way anyone, even healthcare professionals, can use it. It’s a great promo gift because people carry it around and see our logo whenever they use it.
  • Sunglasses – Ours are goofy because they have imprints on the lenses, but any logoed sunglasses are great items to give away. People can always use a spare pair in their car, and whether they have a logo on the lens or something more subtle on the arm, the recipient will appreciate you when they need them.
  • Pens – Writing instruments are always excellent promos. Even in this digital age, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t pick up a pen or pencil every single day (or hundreds of times per day if they are like me). People also pass them along, so who knows how many pairs of eyes could see your logo before it runs out of ink?
  •  Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Cleaning cloths are great for glasses, but they also work for all of the handheld electronics that we carry around. I most frequently use mine on the touchscreen display in my car, which gets filthy very quickly. No matter how they are used, though, it’s great that they can be printed all across one side in high quality digital images – you’d be hard pressed to find a detail too small to print cleanly on microfiber.
  •  Flashlights – We are located in Miami, and hurricane season is just around the corner, so we give flashlights to help our customers prepare for that eventuality. I particularly like the ones that we have currently because they are magnetized, so you can stick them on something metal and they stay put. Handy!
  •  Lip Balm – Much like hand sanitizer, lip balm makes a great giveaway in that people carry it around and use it. Thus, they see your logo time after time.
  •  Mini Desk Kits – I don’t know about you, but I can never find a paperclip when I need one, which is why I think our mini desk kits are nice things to give customers. They are short rulers filled with clips and sticky notes. I like that our customers can keep them on their desk all of the time and easily spot our contact info.
  •  Notebooks – I could ramble on and on about our promos, but I’ll stop with this one. It’s actually my favorite thing right now. We have refillable orange notebooks that are imprinted in such a way that our logo appears to be glowing. The picture above does not do it justice, but trust me when I tell you that it looks like a neon sign in person. Very cool, and everyone who has received one has inquired about ordering their own.

So yes, we certainly do follow our own advice. Promotional products are an excellent marketing tool and you should use them just like we do!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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photo from

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Gossett Marketing team!

We are taking a couple of weeks off from the blog in order to celebrate the holidays. See you again in 2014!

Super Snakes?! Only in Florida…

photo from

photo from

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Gossett Marketing is located in Miami, Florida and, well, it’s a weird place. My friends who live in other parts of the country find my city/state’s quirkiness to be amusing, so when they hear of a strange Miami or Florida story, they’re always sure to bring it up (they are all jealous that I live in a lush, tropical paradise that is full of unique happenings!). Anyhow, one such friend recently watched a show about African rock pythons and he immediately texted to notify me that they have taken up residence in Miami. Being a Miamian I know that there are pythons in the Everglades – heck, there was recently a snake hunt to rid the park of these invasive predators – so I texted him back and told him as much. Sadly, I did not realize that our usual invasive snakes are Burmese pythons, not their African rock cousins. This apparently overjoyed my friend, who began to regale me with information about the probability of a hybrid snake hatching near my home. Oy.

Apparently African rock pythons are very aggressive, while their Burmese counterparts are very large. Because they are now both found in the same ecosystem – the Everglades – scientists believe that they could breed and create a very big and ferocious Super Snake. Snakes in general don’t bother me, but the thought of a Super Snake freaks me out! And it ticks me off too. The reason that these snakes are in the Everglades is because people had them as pets and then turned them loose when they no longer wanted to care for them. Because we have lovely, non-freezing weather year-round the snakes are thriving – breeding, eating our native species’ food sources, and even eating our native species. That is, as we say in these parts, “no bueno.”

This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with marketing, promotional products, networking, or anything that I usually discuss, I just needed an outlet to share my Super Snake story with someone other than my irritated coworkers, friends, and family. I’ve sort of become obsessed with the topic and I need to vent! Next week I will be back to my regularly-scheduled, non-reptilian posts. Meanwhile, please do not dump your snakes in my hometown’s backyard!

I can’t resist. Check out this YouTube clip from Snakes on a Plane (and excuse the language) – this is essentially life in Florida:

Tips to Get Your Brand in Front of Your Clients

In this new video blog post, Danette Gossett from Gossett Marketing and sits down with Eric from Spector, one of our company’s favorite suppliers of higher-end promotional products. Eric stopped by to tell Danette about a cohesive collection of promo products that are a great way to get your logo in front of your customer’s faces time and again.

The Fabrizio Collection is an elegant grouping of promotional items, featuring a card case, luggage, tag, PDA case, tablet sleeve, portfolio, travel wallet, journal, and two sizes of padfolio. They’re all made of a really attractive vinyl (don’t wrinkle your nose, it’s pretty), available in Brown, Grey, Black, and White. Very elegant with a unique strap closure, the Fabrizio Collection is an opportunity to give a series of related gifts, ultimately creating a unique gift set. The wide variety of items means that these imprinted items will be seen time and again – in offices, airports, and beyond.

One of the interesting features of the Fabrizio Collection (and many of Spector’s items) is that it can be imprinted with variable data. So let’s say that you want to deboss one of the pieces with your company’s logo, you can do that plus you can include the recipient’s name and position. For instance, Eric shows Danette a luggage tag that has an imprinted logo, plus “Anita Turner Montreal Branch.” You could give Joe Smith of the New York Branch the same piece, but with his name/branch on it instead. Pretty unique!

So if you want to get your logo in front of your clients on a regular basis, consider giving out pieces of a cohesive collection on a regular basis. And definitely consider variable data imprinting – people love and use personalized products.

fabrizio collection

Re-Branding Miami’s Tennis Tournament

Miami Tennis The Sony Open is currently happening on Key Biscayne, just across the bridge from Gossett Marketing’s headquarters. It’s a great event that brings nearly all of the world’s top-ranked tennis players to town, so it also draws a tremendous crowd of tourists and locals alike. If you have been around these parts for some time (like I have), though, then chances are that even if you attend the Sony Open, you call it by the wrong name!

Dreamed up in the 60’s by then-player Butch Bucholz, the tennis tournament now known as the Sony Open was originally sponsored by the Lipton Tea Company, so when the established in the 80’s it was known as The Lipton International Players Championships. The Lipton took place from 1985 until 1999, the year that Bucholz sold the tournament to IMG. The following year, Miami hosted the first Ericsson Open, which just took place in 2000 and 2001. The Ericsson was replaced by the NASDAQ-100 Open and that name stuck around from 2002-2006, then we reached the Sony Ericsson Open as the event was known until 2012. And this year, the tournament is known simply as the Sony Open. So the 28-year-old event was known for 14 of its years as The Lipton and has subsequently changed names 4 times. That means that most everyone who lived Miami during The Lipton years still refers to the tournament as such – it’s easier to remember and everyone knows what we’re talking about!

Native Miamians of a certain age grew up calling our city’s tennis tournament The Lipton and we’ve never bothered to learn otherwise, but that’s not to say that the tournament is doing a bad job of re-branding itself. They run ads everywhere with the new name (drive down US1 right now and you can’t escape the Sony Open), they give logoed promotional products at every festival, and all of their press stresses the new name. But because the tournament’s title sponsor seems to change so frequently, no one down here bothers committing any new name to memory. However, I know that the re-branding is taking root elsewhere because when I mention The Lipton to people who live elsewhere they look at me like I have three heads and correct me! I guess the tournament knows that there’s no helping Miamians and focus the brunt of their branding elsewhere – and that’s fine by me, as it brings tourists (and their money) to my hometown.

Unique Golf Giveaways

In this, our most recent video blog post, Danette Gossett of Gossett Marketing and sits down with Rob from SanMar, our preferred apparel supplier, to discuss golf giveaway ideas. As it turns out, the options for these types of promotional marketing products have come a long way!

The first shirt that Danette picks up is actually the one that she and her team wore in the Executive Women’s Golf Association’s national championship tournament. Unlike the golf polos of yore, this one has a more feminine shape and fit, but it still features the moisture-wicking technology that ladies want on the course. Rob also points out a few other trends, including brand name golf shirts (the one he holds up is a Nike polo – you can see the “swoosh” on the arm), saturated jewel tones, heathered fabrics, and various patterns. You name a style and chances are that it’s now available for the golfers out there – with your logo embroidered upon it, of course.

Another unique golf giveaway is a hanging toiletry kit. It can accommodate all of the essentials such as tees and golf balls, plus it’s handy in the locker room after a round. Naturally, this toiletry kit can also be branded with your company’s logo, making it a great marketing tool when given away (or even sold) at golf tournaments.

Give away or sell imprinted golf apparel and accessories and you will make a splash both on the course and off!

nike golf shirt

On-Trend Promotional Products

tote bag
Check out our newest video blog post in which Danette Gossett of Gossett Marketing and sits down with Jon from Gemline, one of our favorite brand reps, to discuss on-trend promotional products and how to bundle them. Click on the YouTube video below to see what Jon has to offer:

I love the tote bag that Jon features here – the teal color is a rich jewel tone that is really on-trend right now. Plus, the fact that it has a pen loop so it can hold a stylus pen is a real plus. It’s the winter and people are wearing gloves, making tablets and smart phones difficult to utilize, so a stylus is certainly handy. The last piece that Jon includes with the bundle, the tablet holder, is also nice because it matches the tote bag perfectly. Color coordinating like that can really enhance a brand’s identity, so it’s always nice when there are a variety of products available that are in the same hue. The great thing about Gemline’s tablet holders is that they accommodate a variety of devices, so whether you give this bundle to an iPad or Kindle Fire devotee, they’ll both be able to utilize it.

The idea of giving multiple promotional products at once is a great one, as it means that the recipient will most likely enjoy (and therefore use) at least one imprinted piece from the collection – excellent for marketing. And the fact that this particular bundle is on-trend is just an added bonus! Thanks for sharing these items with us, Jon!

Why Brand Name Apparel Benefits Your Brand

In this video, Danette Gossett of Gossett Marketing and talks to Rob from SanMar, our preferred apparel style about name brand corporate clothing. Lately, sales of name brand items have outpaced any other sales because it allows the companies to co-brand themselves with some of the world’s most recognized companies. Rob shows Danette three different brands that SanMar sells: Nike, Eddie Bauer, and Red House. Here are my suggestions as to how to utilize these name brands.

NikeNike is known for its upscale technical fabrics, and in the promotional marketing industry we find that the company’s golf polos are our biggest sellers. The unique thing about the Nike shirts that we sell is that the “Swoosh” logo is on the right side or on the sleeve, leaving room on the left chest to have another company’s logo embroidered on the pieces as well. That creates a distinct link between, say, the Baptist Health South Florida logo and Nike’s – making the wearer and anyone who sees the shirt associate the two companies with one another. These shirts are great giveaways at golf tournaments or really any sporting event. They are also nice gifts for board members, valuable customers, and even prospective clients, as they have a high perceived value.

Eddie BauerEddie Bauer is recognized as an outdoor gear authority, and the Eddie Bauer items that SanMar offers uphold that reputation, particularly the warm parkas and layering pieces. I’d recommend those cold-weather items to corporations located in potentially-frigid areas. Target, based in Minneapolis, jumps to mind. They could give all of their corporate employees toasty Eddie Bauer parkas imprinted with their very recognizable logo, and those people would give that logo extra exposure as they commuted to work. Plus, Target’s sterling brand would be linked to Eddie Bauer’s equally-impressive one – benefitting both companies.

Red HouseRed House is the least-recognized of the three brands that Rob mentions in the video, but its quality is second-to-none. The non-iron woven shirts that the line offers rival those made by Brooks Brothers, but like Nike, the brand leaves the left chest portion of every shirt blank so that another company’s logo may be embroidered there. These shirts are ideal for anyone who works in an office or who represents your brand on a tradeshow floor because they stay crisp and wrinkle-free all day. So in this instance it’s more that the brand name item’s quality enhances your own brand by allowing you and your employees to present a well-tailored image with little effort.

Sure, brand name apparel might cost a bit more than its generic counterpart, but it allows your company to piggyback on another brand’s success. It’s no wonder that these are currently our apparel supplier’s strongest seller!



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