Some Good Eats Happening in Miami this Summer!

As you know, we are in Miami, Florida and for many you think we are on vacation all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have said when they visit, “why don’t you have a tan.” Well, I work. So while I might live in a vacation paradise, I don’t get to enjoy it every day.

However, I am going to start enjoying more of our restaurants for the next couple of months because we are in Miami Spice season. This wonderful promotion by the restaurants of the region began many years ago to encourage people to dine out more during the slow summer months.

Now, I really don’t think we have a slow season per se anymore, but I appreciate that they still do this. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitor’s Bureau was the brainchild (well, actually restaurant City Hall, I understand was the first to initiate it) of this two month program.

This year more than 200 restaurants are offering 3 course lunches and dinners for $23 and $39 respectively. Some of very

Delightful Feast At Azul

Delightful Feast At Azul

expensive restaurants that I might not otherwise visit, but during “spice” we will. I know that last year we visited Azul thinking we’d never go other than Spice but we were wrong. Yum!

Anyway, it’s a great promotion and the concept has been expanded so that you can find a great program most any month of the year. This July/August we also had Miami Spa months. Need a great facial or massage, so many options to choose from. Want romance in your life? Check out some great programs in the month of February.

I’m heading out tonight and already have reservations for Saturday! I can’t wait both options this week are on the water. The Chart House and Seaspice. They each have a very different atmosphere, but I am sure the food will be so tasty.

So, if you live within a few hours it might be worth a drive sometime over the next couple of months, if  you’re not in the area maybe you might want to plan a visit soon!


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