Season’s Greetings: The Importance of a Self-Promo Holiday Card

In case you missed it, December 9th was National Christmas Card day.

This day celebrates Sir Henry Cole who created the first Christmas card in 1843. They sold for only 1 schilling (or 8 cents) each and only about 1000 were printed and sold.

Flash forward to 2015, and the business of holiday card giving has become as innovative as ever! From ones that sing carols upon opening to ones that reveal a 3D pop-up message or special gift such as an ornament, the card business has evolved and changed the way we share greetings throughout the year. So if you haven’t given what you will be sending out much thought, it’s time to get moving!

Greetings lead to smooth-sailing relationships throughout the year!

Greetings lead to smooth-sailing relationships throughout the year!

While our mailboxes are being flooded with all types of greetings and packages from loved ones, how are you to be sure your card will stand out and represent you to the fullest? It is important to pick a card that speaks to you and will enlighten your audience. A card during this time of the year must appeal to a wide audience as well as stand out and capture the attention and awe of the recipient. Personally, a card that includes a separate gift within the card that the recipient can enjoy are my favorite. Cards that include a hand-made ornament, or a bag of tea, or even a magnetic frame/calendar are great options. On top of being kept longer, these will intrigue your recipient and make them feel special, enjoying the extra sentiment of a gift inside along with your warm greeting.

With that said, it has become more and more common to receive an “e-greeting” this holiday season as it appeals to those looking for more convenience and reaching clients the quickest with a push of a button. However, as I touched upon earlier, this time of the year is about showing gratitude and appreciation for those who support us on all fronts, and sending something more personal can add the final touches to a great year of developing and maintain long lasting relationships. Not only are greeting cards important to capture the attention of your audience or clients, but it is also important to be sure you stand out so that you may stay fresh and top of mind for your clients approaching the New Year.

Stand out by including a small gift in your greetings!

So the holiday rush has come and gone and after all the parties and gift wrapping, you forgot to send out a card. Not to worry! The great thing about greeting cards is that throughout the year, they will never go unappreciated and noticed. Again, it is all about how you stand out and pull your audience in to make them feel appreciated, not only during the holiday season, but throughout the New Year and beyond. I once received a “welcoming spring” greeting card with a pack of sunflower seeds inside. It was such a simple, but creative way to let someone know that they are being thought of and appreciated (Even though my sunflowers didn’t live for long). So don’t limit your greetings to just the holiday season. Take advantage of various times throughout the year to reconnect with a simple “hello” and message that can change and develop relationships in the blink of an eye.


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