Protect Your Checks with Anti-Fraud Ink!

Most may not realize it, but the checks we write are one of the most targeted forms of fraud.

According to a 2015 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, they account for 77% of all fraud cases. Check washing accounts for more than $815 million in fraud every year. Even more so, prescription drug fraud accounts for more than $10 billion in annual losses.1439318971954

To many, writing checks is an “old-school” method that has virtually been replaced by debit cards. Because of this, when we write checks now, we may not consider the ink inside of the pen that we are using to write. This is where ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has established ink standards to be used in pens that protect our documents from fraud. ISO-12757 applies to the ballpoint ink refills used for documentary used and general use as well. These standards mean the ink under these standards must be water-resistant and fade-resistant. The ink will essentially become trapped in the paper, making it impossible to erase or alter any important documents. Other requirements include Ethanol resistance, bleaching resistance and light resistance.f

While the FBI estimates that losses total over $18.7 billion annually in check fraud, the testing and standards of the ISO-12757 are reviewed every five years. So how are we to protect ourselves?

As I mentioned earlier, many people don’t find themselves writing checks anymore thanks to bank debit cards, allowing easier access to our bills online. However, for the occasions that you do have to write checks, or fill out personal prescription information, it is important you come prepared.

I can almost guarantee at this very moment you have multiple pens on your person or in your general area while reading this. I know I have about five in my purse next to me and even more inside the desk I am sitting at. A great tip is to always keep a set of these specific pen in two environments where you may need to write a check or fill out important paper work : at home of course, maybe at a desk where you pay your bills and such as well as in your car/purse for the ladies. Mark the pen with a piece of tape if that will help you tell it apart from other pens you may have laying around. This way, you will always be one step ahead.


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