Power Up! This Year’s Most Powerful Gift!

Power was the name of the game for 2015. And boy, did we see a lot!

Power banks were this year’s hottest tech item and we saw them in every shape, size, and style! I knew it when I saw (and just had to pick up for myself) at the ASI show in Orlando a power bank in the shape of a lip stick tube and one in the shape of a blush compact with mirror. From there, we saw ones that were super powered at 20,000 mAh all the way to ones at just 2000 mAh. Depending upon your needs, power banks were made this year for the business traveler to the minimalist user just needing an extra boost while on the road running errands.

Creative power banks to catch everyone's eye this holiday season!

Creative power banks to catch everyone’s eye this holiday season!

What I love most about power banks (outside of the convenience factor) is that it is bringing people away from the walls, and keeping people moving and mingling. Soon, the days of wall hugging will be long gone, because we will have our handy-dandy power bank to keep us connected and going. And also, the more eye-catching your power bank, the more likely it will spark up a conversation and become the apple of everyone’s eye. (Seriously, people are amazed by these things!)

For those that don’t have a power bank and are considering one, there are a few key points to ask yourself and keep in mind. What are you looking for? Style? Endless power? Something lightweight and small? Power banks typically range from 1800 mAh and up. 1800 mAh will give you just enough (almost a full) battery on an iPhone. It will take a bit longer to charge but typically anything under 4,000 mAh will be small, compact and easy to stick in your back pocket or purse. Also, keep in mind, if you have an iPhone, you will probably have to use the cord your phone comes with as most power banks come with cords to charge the actually power bank itself, which also happens to work with android phones. The larger ones will charge you up much faster and provide you with multiple full charges. For example, a 2,220 mAh power bank will charge you up almost twice if powering up an iPhone. Power banks larger than that, you ca count on getting many uses out of it before having to charge the actual power bank in a wall outlet.

Find the right power bank to match your needs!

Find the right power bank to match your needs!

Speaking of battery power, it is important you make sure the item you are using features a U.L certified battery. This means the item was tested and is up to par with the nationally recognized standards for safety. When it comes to electronics, you want to be sure you are chasing quality. Yes, that other power bank may be more inexpensive, but the battery may leak or it wasn’t tested and you will probably only get a couple charges out of it. Because the batteries in this particular item is being used to power  your personal smart phone devices, and sometimes will be charging up to two items of yours at a time, it is important that these batteries are functioning to their maximum capacity and have been tested thoroughly.

So if you are in the market for one of this year’s hottest tech gadgets, or looking to gift one this holiday season, be sure to research and identify exactly what it is that you are looking for. It can be a bit overwhelming if you do not know what battery power or style will work best for you. May the force be with you!



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