Networking Season Is Coming

It’s basically the end of the summer. Seriously, it’s almost August and everyone is already starting to talk about back to school and even Christmas plans! It’s also the time that many business organizations re-start their networking events in earnest. Over the summer months there are limited events, come September you could have multiple events a night.

So how do you choose what’s the best use of your time?

Of course, you probably have your core groups you like to interact with, but maybe it’s time to expand that sphere and venture

Seek out new people and introduce yourself

Seek out new people and introduce yourself

out to network with some new industries. If you’re like me and my sales staff we utilize these networking events to expand our business development efforts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struck up a conversation with someone at an event and it’s ultimately resulted in us doing business together.

I admit, I like going to events where I know people. It’s comfortable. But it’s not always the best use of my time. While it may be good to re-connect with some clients at these events, many times I might just end up schmoozing with friends. Fun, yes, productive, no.

So, picking new events and getting out of my comfort zone is one of my goals for this fall. When going to those types of events I make myself act as if I’m one of the hosts. By that I mean, I walk up to people that are standing alone looking lost and introduce myself. They are relieved to be talking to someone and I’ve made some great contacts that way.

I also look for events that may be out of my usual business area. Miami is big. We have many business organizations all over town, so I actually plan on hitting some of the events in a growing business area of town. I am sure I will know a few people and of course I will seek them out at the events and ask them to introduce me around. Another great tool to work the room.

No matter what, plan to get a bit more this fall. We all recognize business is moving again, but if you don’t get out and be seen and keep your pipeline full, you may just get left behind.

Hope to see you at an event soon!


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