Networking: Don’t Wait Until You Need It

don't wait! If I can boast a bit, our company, Gossett Marketing, has been in business for 20 years and we count some of the most important companies in Miami as our customers. Truth be told, between everyone who works here, we probably have enough business contacts to keep the company afloat for years to come, but we are all still very active networkers. Why? Because we don’t want to just rest on our laurels, we want to make sure that Gossett Marketing thrives for 20 more years!

As I mentioned, we are active networkers who attend chamber events and community functions regularly, and who aren’t afraid to talk to strangers if, say, we’re out for a run. One thing I’ve noticed when regularly attending said events and functions is that representatives from certain businesses only attend in fits and starts. Seeing them so sporadically always makes me wonder if they are only at the networking gathering because they need to be. I didn’t see John Doe in August, but he popped up with a vengeance in September – have sales slowed down? It makes me feel like John’s company is shaky, and do I want to do business with someone who might go under? Personally, no, I don’t. Sporadic attendees, I’ve found, are also the ones who think of themselves first rather than helping other chamber members (which, in turn, would help them). They’re the “business card spammers” who don’t take the time to connect, they just hand you a card and run. And if you ask me, networking is about quality over quantity.

If you hold off on networking until you truly need it, then I guarantee you that those around you will figure it out. It reflects poorly upon you and your company, and I promise you that it won’t benefit your business like you think it might. Sure, sporadic networking might boost sales, but, well, it will do so sporadically. Think long-term rather than waiting to network when you absolutely need it.


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