How Promotional Products Can Be Décor (and why that’s a good thing)

Captiva FloridaI spent the long Labor Day weekend in Captiva, Florida with my family. It has become a great tradition – we rent a condo at the South Seas Resort and pretend that we are beach bums (and pool bums!) for 4 days. We enjoy South Seas so much that we rarely leave, but when we do venture off of the resort’s extensive property, one place that we always visit on the island is The Bubble Room. This Captiva landmark is a restaurant known for its scrumptious dessert as well as for its kooky interiors that are stuffed full of vintage knick knacks – think toys, Christmas decorations, Hollywood posters, etc.

This past weekend our trip to The Bubble Room was a brief one – we grabbed a beer to cool off after a long walk (I know, I come from a family of health nuts). Seated at the bar, I was struck by how many of the aforementioned knick knacks were actually promotional marketing products. From my vantage point I saw an antique-looking set of Disney marionettes that would occasionally dance. They weren’t our modern day Mickey and Minnie, but it was clear that they were their predecessors. When I looked in a different direction, I spotted an old Budweiser light fixture – remember the ones that had their famous Clydesdales rotating inside? The Bubble Room still has it! They also have old signs from various gum companies, logoed mirrors, and the like. The fun thing about seeing all of these old promotional products is the nostalgia. As fellow tourists wandered from room to room I could hear them saying, “wow, I remember this!” and then fondly recounting the summer they spent drinking Cheerwine in North Carolina or even puffing on their first Marlboro!

The Bubble Room is a funky place – a mash-up of Christmas and promotional marketing items. But it goes to show that if you give away good promotional products, someone will always keep them. And they will always spark some sort of fond memory. Now that’s lasting marketing!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience The Bubble Room, check out this YouTube video – I’m not kidding when I say it’s funky!


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