Hand Deliver Holiday Gifts

photo from marvelousmommy.com

photo from marvelousmommy.com

I don’t know if it’s writer’s block or what, but lately I’ve had a hard time thinking up blog topics. It’s been a particular challenge when it comes to writing for this, the networking category. What can I say that I haven’t already covered? This morning I had a particularly acute case of bloggers block. I knew I wanted to get my networking post out of the way, but when I thought about it (and Googled “networking” every which way from Sunday) I still came up with nothing. Then, lo and behold, the doorbell rang! You might not know this about Gossett Marketing, but in addition to our human workers there are three rescue dogs in the office on a daily basis. So the doorbell rang, barking ensued, and in came Hada Grullon, president and founder of our preferred courier company, Roy’s Delivery Services. What a breath of fresh air she was on a busy morning!

Roy’s Delivery has been around for 19 years, and our company has used their services for that long. They are simply the best – on time, affordable, and incredibly customer service oriented. Plus, today Hada came by to drop off our Holiday gift, an assortment of delectable sweet treats! Now the Gossett team is even more enamored of Hada’s organization! I could go on and on praising Roy’s Delivery Service and its fearless leader Hada, but right now I want to focus on how smart it was of her hand deliver our gift.

As a promotional products distributor, I spend a lot of time helping companies find the perfect holiday gift for their customers. I think that the things they give should be tasty or useful and that they should be imprinted with their company’s logo – might as well get some marketing out of a gift! We often end up drop shipping those gifts directly to the individual recipients. That’s all well and good (who doesn’t love to get a present in the mail?!), but hand delivering something gives a fantastic excuse to do some networking.

It can be difficult to get a meeting with customers, particularly at this hectic time of year. But if you show up at their office bearing gifts, I’ll bet that the majority of the time they’ll see you – they’ll want to know what kind of surprise you brought them. You might not have a full meeting, but at least saying hello and catching up for a few minutes will bring you and your company back to the top of your customer’s mind.

Sure, hand delivering holiday gifts takes more time than just sending them, but if you have local customers it might just be worth your while!


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