Gotta’ Catch Em’ All!

If you are like me and enjoy catching up with your favorite news station at the end of a long day, there has been no avoiding this topic. Pokémon Go. It is slowly taking over my life.

The US had been awaiting the release of the augmented reality game for some time now and when it first released last week, I have to admit, I was most likely one of the first people to download it. Not joking.

But, I am not one who enjoys (nor do I have the time to) searching all over South Florida for various Pokémon and places to battle others. Thus, leading to me to finally delete the game that has been downloaded over 7.5 million times in less than a week. Oh and that’s just in the US.

Making $1.6 million daily, through in-app purchases alone, while walking the other night, almost every other kid outside was also looking for Pokémon. So how did they manage to capture us so quickly?

  • Nostalgia: Many that grew up in the 90’s spent many days trading Pokémon cards and begging their parents to buy a new pack of cards in every store they stepped into. It’s a total blast from the past. Customers enjoy reconnecting with parts of their pasts and this marketing tactic has proven to entice the customer to spend more time and more money relieving those memories. Those memories are warm and fuzzy, just like I imagine a Jigglypuff would. Connecting with your clients over something nostalgic is almost a shoe-in to creating a closer, more trustworthy and enjoyable relationship in the long-run.
  • Technology: Virtual/Augmented Reality is an industry ready to explode at any moment. Big companies such as Sony, Google, Samsung, etc. are investing big bucks into this technology in hopes to capture the eyes, minds, and money of their consumers. The payout for Nintendo has been huge. Stocks are up almost $12 billion following the release of Pokémon go just a week ago here in the United States. If you haven’t already introduced your clients to Virtual Reality, start thinking about doing so. It won’t be long before they start asking for it anyhow!
  • Community: Augmented Reality creates a connection to the end user. This has created various communities that come together on one common ground. Literally. My park was full of people playing Pokémon. And did you see the video of Central Park? One person compared it to Pokémon HQ. The point is, when people feel a part of something large than themselves, they become hooked. When you can walk outside and connect with a total stranger over Pikachu that is a newfound community. Creating this same feeling for your own clients will serve not only has a brand-builder, but most importantly, a relationship-builder.


While issues of safety and privacy have come up over the past few days, the addictive app shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Maybe I will give it another shot, just talking about the app is creating FOMO. Have you downloaded the app? Know anyone playing? Will you integrate these very marketing techniques into your interactions with your own clients? Let us know!


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