How’s Your Elevator Speech?

Speed Networking

Last week I attended the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s “Speed Biz Breakfast,” which was essentially the speed dating version of networking. There were around 25 other attendees, and we all sat around a long table. We were told to introduce ourselves and our businesses to the person across from us, and have him/her do the same in 3 minutes. At the end of 3 minutes, we all moved to the right and did it again with the next person.

Let me tell you, I learned that 3 minutes with someone can fly by in the blink of an eye or can drag on for all eternity!

With people to whom I enjoyed speaking, 3 minutes was not a long enough visit, and I think it was because those people had such captivating “elevator speeches.” They had all mastered the art of describing themselves and their businesses succinctly yet in an interesting fashion. The 3-minutes-is-an-eternity-people, on the other hand, were not engaging, they didn’t know what to say, and I still have no idea what they do!

I think my “elevator speech” – which describes our creative promotional products, employee incentive programs, custom collateral, etc. – is pretty darn good and my foray into Speed Networking just reinforced its importance!


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