Promote Health in 2013 (it’s great marketing)

gym It’s the very beginning of the New Year, which means that most of us are probably still sticking to our resolutions. I feel like the majority of these resolutions have to do with health – people want to lose weight, exercise more, and generally improve their well-being. I know that I, for one, have been eating at least one piece of fruit every day (fruit isn’t my favorite but I know it’s good for me, so I’m trying to make a habit of reaching for it more often…as opposed to the scoop of peanut butter that would normally assuage my sweet tooth). It’s hard to stick to New Year’s Resolutions, so this is the perfect time of year to give away items that promote a healthy lifestyle, which will help your employees and customers remain resolute while marketing your company.

For example, the best fitness-related promotional marketing product that I have received is a Headsweats running visor, given to me by Team FootWorks. Headsweats is a known brand name in the running community, and for good reason: their products are great! My particular visor is incredibly light-weight, keeps sweat out of my eyes, and washes well, so I wear it every single time I run. That’s great for FootWorks because it is imprinted with their logo, so everyone who sees me run by has the opportunity to see their name! My Headsweats visor was probably on the expensive side, but because I have worn it probably 100 times and it’s been seen by dozens of people during each run, that logo’s rate of exposure is exceptionally high, making the $20-ish that they spent a worthy investment.

I can completely understand if you don’t want to spend $20 on health-related promotional products, and fortunately you don’t have to! I think that water bottles and gym towels are both excellent promotional products because people do carry them around. Even if your employee isn’t on a health kick, if you give him a nice, insulated water bottle, then chances are he’ll utilize it – or give it to someone who does hit the gym, who will bring your logo with them when they work out. Similarly, a gym towel is a wonderful giveaway because really anyone can use them. Whether you spin, practice yoga, or even golf, small towels are useful – and they have a large imprint area, meaning that your logo is visible to anyone in the vicinity!

I could keep suggesting fitness-related promotional products, but I think you’d get bored and leave the blog, so I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that healthy promos are a great way to help your customers and employees stick to their New Year’s resolutions, plus they get your company’s name out into the community, so they’re really an ideal giveaway any time of year.

And if your New Year’s resolution involves weird and hilarious exercises for your face, click on this YouTube video – this is for you!

It’s not just meditation

I’m a yoga fan. I practice at a local studio in Coconut Grove – Dharma Yoga Studio. I regularly tell people that yoga saved my life. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was my refuge during a bad divorce.

 Most believe yoga saved me through quiet mediation. Far from it. The yoga I enjoy is filled with energy, music, and fast paced fun. Not what I would have thought yoga was. Yes, you get the meditative aspects at points but more because you focus your attention in the moment. As my instructor Natalie constantly reminds us in her Funyasa class when she can tell our minds are wondering – acknowledge your thought and then let it go. Stay on your mat. 

Yoga has taught me so many important lessons about life. You can do just about anything if you have focus, patience, and discipline. That’s why I can now do a handstand. Never would have thought it possible. But I decided I wanted to do it and through focus, a lot of patience (and laughing at my attempts) and discipline most times I can now get up with ease.

I also feel these same elements are needed to succeed in business and everyday life. If we focus on our goals and have the patience and discipline to follow through I truly believe nothing is beyond our reach.

Now while I don’t really aspire to do trick handstands — it could be fun at parties! Just Watch


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