Networking With Your Customers

Business Networking Event Whenever I think about networking events I always immediately assume that I am going to meet new people, but sometimes that is not the case. And sometimes that’s a good thing!

This morning I was talking to Danette about a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce event that she attended last night. She said that she felt like she knew everyone in the room, so rather than spending the evening making new acquaintances, she used her time to strengthen connections with our current customers. She said that she saw several individuals that we’ve worked with in the past who didn’t realize that we produce their company’s promotional products – they thought we just did their logoed apparel. Because those particular customers know her, she didn’t have to do the “elevator speech” thing and she was able to take the time to expand their understanding of what Gossett Marketing does.

She ran into another familiar face from Baptist Health South Florida who had an “aha!” moment when she saw her. She had been meaning to call about some custom promo products but just had not gotten around to it. Seeing Danette gave her the opportunity she needed to brainstorm some ideas, and Danette has already sent her quotes!

While it is always great to meet new contacts at networking events, seeing familiar faces can benefit your business too. Take the opportunity to get to know them a little better. Who knows? They might need your services, you might need theirs, or you both might get some excellent referrals from the event.

This YouTube video has some great examples of what NOT to do when you’re networking!


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