Holiday Reminder!

Yes, I know it is only October. And while I do enjoy a pumpkin spice latte just as much as the next, I have no shame in my game when I opt for the hot coco instead!

When it comes to the holidays, I am a firm believer in giving not only your clients, but yourself a reminder that when the October time rolls around, you can never be too early in regards to gift planning.

Below are some easy tips to help motivate your clients (and maybe yourself) to start at the very least thinking about the holidays!

  1. Organize your list:

This is the very first thing one should do! Write down who will be getting a gift! At the very least, who will be getting a card versus’ who will be getting cookies and versus’ who will be getting a high-end gift. Organize your client list based on how much you intend to spend, whether you plan on doing a holiday card or more.

  1. Research:

Every year, Gossett Marketing always tries to choose the most innovative gift for our clients that will help us stand out. Last year, our S’mores kit was such a success, that people still bring it up to this day! Research the year’s newest and most innovative gifts for you and your clients. It will do more than just help you stand out, but it will also tell your clients that you put some thought and care into what you gifted them.

  1. Presentation:

It is also important to take some time to consider presentation. If you choose to simply send out a card, think of ways that will help your card stand out from others. Maybe the card includes a bag of tea or package of seeds. Maybe you are going to give out journals and a pen. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of personalization and really creating something extra special that your client will appreciate and use. The possibilities are truly endless, so take the time to consider the ways you can really showcase your appreciation for your clients support over the past year.

  1. Execute:

Finally, consider sending holiday favors/gifts well before the holiday season is in full swing. Once December hits, delivery and shipping services become overwhelmed and inundated with so many packages and envelopes. You don’t want to risk anyone’s card or gift being lost or delayed that they ultimately don’t receive it in time. It is suggested to have all cards and gifts (unless you are giving them in person) in the mail immediately following Thanksgiving/the first week of December. This gives you some “bumper” time so not only will you ensure they receive the gift on time, but that they will get to enjoy it prior to receiving an influx of gifts from others.

Prep Your Pink!

It’s never too early to start thinking pink, ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness month!


Breast Cancer Awareness month promotions for October are here and they are better than ever. Now is the time to get moving on pink promotional items, as by the end of the month, manufacturer’s will be sold out! Yes, sold out. It happens more often than you can imagine.

We always strive to be one step ahead of the yearly trends for promotional items. Drinkware is no different! One of the most popular (and portable) items are the collapsible water bottles. Empty, these wide-mouth flip-top bottles fold down, making it easy to stuff in a back pocket or bag.

Of course for walks shirts and caps are always a hit, but don’t forget shoelaces and lanyards too. We also have had some requests for rally head wear. These multi-functional head gear can be worn several different ways and keeps your head at a comfortable temperature. Fully dye-sublimated, this item is great for patients and participants alike, participating in walks and fundraisers. And let’s not forget bags. Pens are always useful and bags are one of the longest kept and seen promotional items available (behind a shirt of course). Almost every year, we end up on scavenger hunts for pink bags because inventory is so scarce! This is why planning ahead is key!

So during the summer slowdown, maybe you can carve out some time to think about the best say to remind everyone how important this cause is not only in October, but all year round.

Let us know the creative ways you will be promoting Breast Cancer Awareness this 2016!

Understanding Branding Solutions!

Many years ago, just about the only option for branding items was with a simple, one color imprint, one location.

Today, with the help of new technology and machines, the options for branding have expanded is almost hard to keep up with! Below are some of the newest and most popular branding methods that will truly help your band stand out!


Debossing is a popular technique that we see used often for items such as journals, luggage tags and even a few Bluetooth speakers. The process is fairly simple which consists of using a metal plate that is pressed down on to the desired surface, leaving a grooved impression of the logo or name being used.  T802_2_v1445626182.1467035559

Epoxy Dome:

One of my favorite branding methods is the epoxy dome. The logo is rendered on a base. Depending on the size of the logo, the base can vary in size. Then it is overlaid with a bubble of clear acrylic epoxy. The dome is then affixed to the promotional product using an adhesive. Epoxy domes are being used on virtually everything. From pens to speakers and headphones to even bags and drink wear, it can turn an item that would normally get a standard one color silkscreen to an item now showcasing a beautiful, full color decoration that stands out from the rest.

4-color Process:

Showcasing items to clients with complex logos can be daunting. It can be hard to explain to those with four color logos why that alone will skyrocket the price of certain items. This is where items with a standard 4-color process imprint come in handy. I always try and take advantage of these items and showcase them to clients that I know will want to take advantage of an item that looks and feels more in line with the complexity of their brand. With this process, you can beautifully on pens, journals, speakers and tablet/phone sleeves, just to name a few. So, keep an eye out for those items where this is standard decoration. You will look like the genius that you are!

360 degree & Enlarged laser:

This new technology has allowed our clients to maximize the space allowed on the pens that hold their brand. We like to say that pens are like walking advertisements. They get stolen, dropped, forgotten and reused by many people over the course of their lifetime. Why just settle for a one location laser engraving or imprint? 360 degree laser allows you to maximize the entire surface of the pen barrel with step and repeats throughout the surface. 2

Liner Pages/Inserts:

When a client approaches us telling us they are looking for a journal to give as a gift or at an event or perhaps a back to school item, we try to always encourage them to take advantage of the inside of the journal. That is valuable space that is often forgotten about. That is why we love liner pages. Whether it be a school map for new students, or an outline of speakers at an event, or your client just wants to take advantage of 4-Color Process on the interior pages of the journal, this option really takes a simple item to the next level.

Full Coverage Deboss/Indented Dome: 3

Finally, this has to be my favorite branding method of all. Combining the technology of debossing with epoxy domes, you will be left with an item that truly stands out. Only for journals at the moment, this will certainly step up your creativity level and earn you genius points. A metal plate will deboss the entire front cover of the journal, leaving a recessed portion that features a precisely cut area for including an epoxy dome shape of any size. Now being done on power banks, this has to be the most head turning decoration method at the moment, always catching the eye of our clients at showcases and meetings.

Pricing for each of the above techniques varies of course, but depending on your client and what their brand represents, adding the extra few cents for an additional location or liner inside of a journal maybe worth it!

How are you using these branding solutions to help your brand and your clients brands stand out? Let us know below!

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Gotta’ Catch Em’ All!

If you are like me and enjoy catching up with your favorite news station at the end of a long day, there has been no avoiding this topic. Pokémon Go. It is slowly taking over my life.

The US had been awaiting the release of the augmented reality game for some time now and when it first released last week, I have to admit, I was most likely one of the first people to download it. Not joking.

But, I am not one who enjoys (nor do I have the time to) searching all over South Florida for various Pokémon and places to battle others. Thus, leading to me to finally delete the game that has been downloaded over 7.5 million times in less than a week. Oh and that’s just in the US.

Making $1.6 million daily, through in-app purchases alone, while walking the other night, almost every other kid outside was also looking for Pokémon. So how did they manage to capture us so quickly?

  • Nostalgia: Many that grew up in the 90’s spent many days trading Pokémon cards and begging their parents to buy a new pack of cards in every store they stepped into. It’s a total blast from the past. Customers enjoy reconnecting with parts of their pasts and this marketing tactic has proven to entice the customer to spend more time and more money relieving those memories. Those memories are warm and fuzzy, just like I imagine a Jigglypuff would. Connecting with your clients over something nostalgic is almost a shoe-in to creating a closer, more trustworthy and enjoyable relationship in the long-run.
  • Technology: Virtual/Augmented Reality is an industry ready to explode at any moment. Big companies such as Sony, Google, Samsung, etc. are investing big bucks into this technology in hopes to capture the eyes, minds, and money of their consumers. The payout for Nintendo has been huge. Stocks are up almost $12 billion following the release of Pokémon go just a week ago here in the United States. If you haven’t already introduced your clients to Virtual Reality, start thinking about doing so. It won’t be long before they start asking for it anyhow!
  • Community: Augmented Reality creates a connection to the end user. This has created various communities that come together on one common ground. Literally. My park was full of people playing Pokémon. And did you see the video of Central Park? One person compared it to Pokémon HQ. The point is, when people feel a part of something large than themselves, they become hooked. When you can walk outside and connect with a total stranger over Pikachu that is a newfound community. Creating this same feeling for your own clients will serve not only has a brand-builder, but most importantly, a relationship-builder.


While issues of safety and privacy have come up over the past few days, the addictive app shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Maybe I will give it another shot, just talking about the app is creating FOMO. Have you downloaded the app? Know anyone playing? Will you integrate these very marketing techniques into your interactions with your own clients? Let us know!

Gag Promo, Get Creative!

Are you tapping into your creativity?

I mean, are you truly promoting your brand and business in a way that will set you a part and catch the average consumer’s eye? aq5d2QM_700b

The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 messages and advertisements on a a daily basis. From billboards to magazines our phones and emails, we are bombarded every second of every day it seems.

In particular, and I have no explanation for this whatsoever, but I have been noticing the wackiest, most creative items involving Sriracha. I know, very random.

But I love Sriracha so maybe I am programmed to notice these things more? Whatever the reason, I am loving these creative promo items lately! I mean, who doesn’t want a Sriracha bottle USB sticking out from their laptop/computer?37777646_069_d

From the to-go, mini-bottle of Sriracha with the carabiner to attach to your keys to the gag-promo Sriracha bra (yes, this ended up in my email and I am not sure why), my mind has just been infiltrated fully by Sriracha.

And now that I have my Sriracha on the go, it has me thinking, are we all expanding our brand beyond the boundaries regulated to our markets? Many are hesitant about branding wacky items such as these, but the truth is, consumers are more likely to desire or want that item more if it is something that will in turn, have others around them noticing their USB or wacky key chain.

So take risks with your branding! It could end up in the inbox or purse of one consumer and beyond the boundries of where you thought your branding ended.

Silkscreening 101

One of the most common techniques for imprinting promotional marketing products is silkscreening. It’s a fairly straightforward process. First, a mesh screen is created with your company’s logo – the design that is going to be printed is left open and the non-imprinted spaces are closed off so that they remain blank. Once the screen is made it is placed on, say, a bag and ink is spread over it. Ink passes through the portions of the screen that are open and the places that are closed off remain blank. Your bag now has a 1-color imprint.

But what if your logo is multiple colors? In that case, silkscreening becomes a more labor intensive process. You see, imprinting a multicolor logo requires the creation of several screens – one for each color. Each color is printed individually, and each must dry completely before the next is added. Because it requires multiple setup and it takes additional time, silkscreening multiple colors on a t-shirt or other promotional item is more expensive than just imprinting with a single hue.

What about sizing? Well all of that depends on what you are imprinting. A logo on a tote bag may not transition well onto say a pen or stress reliever. In fact, certain items will only accommodate a maximum of one color. It is important to keep that in mind when picking items to hold and reflect your branding. Modifications may have to be made to the artwork when printing across several items.

Sizing also matters when it comes to silkscreening on a shirt. A logo that looks good at 14 inches to 24 inches, is most likely too detailed and intricate to print the same on a t-shirt. And depending on the location you will be imprinting on the shirt, you must also consider sizing, whether it will be the front chest, left chest, the sleeve or back. Front and back imprints can range anywhere from 10″ to 12″. Keep in mind the fit of the shirt. If it is more formfitting, the logo may look best a bit smaller, rather than trying to max out the imprint area.

The items that you can silkscreen are seemingly endless. Some of the most popular items include gym towels, mugs, pens and grocery totes. It’s a great way to get your logo on items that your customers will carry – which will, of course, assist in your branding efforts!


Promote Green!

Every year on April 22, 192 countries celebrate Earth Day by promoting going green!

On this day, many recognize the imperative need to give back to earth and the communities we live in. Whether its by using Eco-friend products, planting a tree, or picking up trash along a beach somewhere, there are many things individually that we can do to promote living in a “green” day 2

I love gardening. While doing some good for the earth and mother nature, you can grow an abundance of flowers, fruits and vegetables right in your back yard. Look for sets like this one from Prime Line. It includes three biodegradable planters and soil wafers. Add the seed packets of basil, parsley and chive and you are all set! This makes a great appreciation gift, and really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Bamboo items are a popular item as they are eco-friendly and just as useful! Whether is a desk organizer, pen, notebook, or even kitchen utensils, giving this out will surely turn heads and wow everyone.

Everyone appreciates items that can be used for multiple occasions. Give your end-user something they will want to use everyday and most of all, feel good about using day after day. From a recycled tote to a eco-friendly sport bottle, these items will always be an arms length from your client, all the while contributing to our community!

Take a Bite Out of the Food Industry

We hear it time and time again…

“We didn’t know you guys did that!” or “Well, I have a food guy.”

Well, I must admit we are partially to blame. We tend to showcase food items and gifts to our clients around the holidays. But who wouldn’t like to receive a box of chocolates or nut and candy tower? Anyone…? Bueller…?

Apart from using them as gifts, think about the times during the year where you see family members and loved ones for a celebration. We come together over food and great meals. Food brings people together in all settings and provides a common grown. At your next showcase or convention, try leaving out some branded chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered Oreos with a white chocolate drizzle. The difference in the amount of traffic that table will receive, compared to the tables offering a brochure and pen will be all the proof one needs. The difference will go a long way.

Food can also be a sign of appreciation and good fortune. A client of ours shows that appreciation to her employees yearly by sending them a beautiful gift basket on their birthdays featuring cheeses, crackers, meats, olives, cookies etc. The list of goodies is endless! And so are the possibilities!

The greatest thing about setting up programs like these for clients is that they are fit to meet their needs. They ordered the baskets all at once, but the manufacturer takes care of the fulfillment process, sending out the individual baskets once the date has arrived. Our client doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Say it with me now, “set it! And forget it!”3x

Of course, before clients will order, they must taste. I mean, how often do you buy a car without driving it? Clients must taste what they are going to be gifting or serving at events. A perfect way to do this is to start with creative story boards and virtuals that feature the items and the clients branding. This way, they are able to see and envision what the packaging will look like. However, the hook here is to arrange with your client a tasting, where you will set up all the foods they are interested in from looking at the virtuals, buffet style. This will allow your client to invite others that may be interested in the items for a future event or holiday celebration to come and utilize all five senses.

My point here is that putting the spotlight on a nice ham or chocolate tower of delicious treats shouldn’t just be for the holidays. They draw more attention and appreciation then your clients may realize, and our job is to provide that slight nudge and reminder that food gifts are appreciated all year-round. Now get out there and grab your bite!

Springin’ to Summer!

I know it is only February, but the weather here in sunny Miami has me in a summer state of mind!

And with many enjoying this time of the year with family and friends on vacation, I think it is the perfect time to highlight a few fun-in-the sun promo items that will be of a great use no matter where you are vacationing this year!  

A vacation essential is a good tote bag. Whether is for the beach or to hold your belongings while sightseeing, it is important to bring a tote bag that is practical and will also have just enough space. I love this great tote bag from, the Sun & Sand Cotton Beach Tote. With is fun, bright colors and mesh bottom hidden by a bottom flap, it allows you to store all of your vacation necessities without getting sand stuck everywhere. We also love the foldaway shopper totes, such as the one below. They foldaway into a corner drawstring pouch, taking up less space in your luggage, yet the nylon fabric makes it great for carrying wet clothes/towels home from the beach.   

Vacationing means always being on the go, and we love items that come as “kits” and include multiple items to keep you always ready. carries great sunscreen and outdoor kits as well as first aid kits that will always keep you prepared. They feature various kits that can be customized to your clients’ needs and will surely be useful on their next outing. Kits include sunscreen, bug repellent, body lotion, and stain removers.

Waterproof phone cases have been very popular that past couple of years with the evolution of technology and social media. We simply want to share all of our experiences with friends and family, so why let a little water stop you! We love the water proof pouches and breakaway neck cords making it easy to keep your mobile device on you at all times. Be sure to include a pair of sunglasses inside the pouch as a great bonus that will surely be appreciated.

I have a great appreciation for receiving promotional items that are not only trendy but that are also useful and I will want to bring it everywhere, any chance that I get. Those items for me this year are the beach towel and selfie stick. I can always use an extra beach towel living in Miami, but it is a great way to catch the eye of not only who is receiving it but who will be seeing it. Towels have become a great way to promote and please as I like to call it, serving its purpose on many levels. When you wrap yourself up in a great, bright, eye catching towel, you feel a sense of instant gratification and appreciation. Selfie sticks provide that same instant gratification, literally! There is no better vacation accessory at the moment than the selfie stick! Hand’s free connectivity with our smart devices will always win over the recipient, and provide a great “walking billboard” of some sorts to any brand!


2016 Nurses Week

Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6th – 12th to honor the hard work and dedication of professional nurses throughout the country.

One way that many hospitals celebrate this week is by giving their nurses gifts, many of which include the hospitals’ logos. Some of our favorite promotional products for nurses this year are:

– Totes and duffel bags (If planned well in advance, you can present some very cool custom bags)
– Spa-type gift sets (Essential oils are a great gift that will surely be appreciated!)
– Anything Tech! (power bank, car charger, selfie stick)
– Collapsible lunch containers with matching utensils
– Picnic blankets or beach chairs

There are literally thousands of other options around, but these are what I like the most right now – they’re all unisex and either useful or fun! But regardless of what gift you choose, the important thing to is to recognize these often-unsung healthcare professionals. So to all of the nurses out there, thank you for all that you do!


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