Thank Those Who Refer You

If you’ve ever read this section of our blog before, then you probably know that the Gossett Marketing team is very involved with networking. We do so through our local chamber of commerce, running and golf groups, and more recently via Twitter and other online channels. You get it: we’re out there, we network, and we want you to do the same! So what if you are already a networking pro? How can we help you take it further?

Well, if you are networking successfully then certainly you are getting referrals. You’ve met so many business contacts through your efforts and you have made such a great impression on them that they want to help you grow. I sincerely hope that this is the case, and if it is, then kudos to you! Other than assisting the individuals and companies to whom you’ve been referred, what do you do when you’ve received a glowing recommendation from a business contact? One thing that I like to do is to say thank you with a hand written note and a gift – nothing extravagant, just a token of appreciation that makes me stand apart from the pack.

One gift that I’m loving right now is a nice metal pen inscribed with my referrer’s name. Sure, you can give them something that is imprinted with your company’s logo, but personalizing the pen helps to ensure that they do not lose it, plus it shows that you took the time to think about them – you’re not just giving out a promotional product that is taking up space in your gift closet.

If you know your referrer very well, then you can give him or her something more personal. Does he enjoy wine? Then what about a pretty corkscrew or bottle stopper? Or if she’s a golfer, then a ball marker would come in handy. Maybe she talks about her dog all of the time – get Fido a colorful bandana! The world is your oyster, I’d just be sure to have any of these items imprinted with your company’s name to keep you top of mind.

If an individual takes the time to refer you and your services to his or her business contact, then certainly he or she deserves a thank you. If a thank you and a smile go far, then think about how much your referrer will appreciate a thank you and a gift! And every time they use that present, you and your company will come to mind.


Promote Health in 2013 (it’s great marketing)

gym It’s the very beginning of the New Year, which means that most of us are probably still sticking to our resolutions. I feel like the majority of these resolutions have to do with health – people want to lose weight, exercise more, and generally improve their well-being. I know that I, for one, have been eating at least one piece of fruit every day (fruit isn’t my favorite but I know it’s good for me, so I’m trying to make a habit of reaching for it more often…as opposed to the scoop of peanut butter that would normally assuage my sweet tooth). It’s hard to stick to New Year’s Resolutions, so this is the perfect time of year to give away items that promote a healthy lifestyle, which will help your employees and customers remain resolute while marketing your company.

For example, the best fitness-related promotional marketing product that I have received is a Headsweats running visor, given to me by Team FootWorks. Headsweats is a known brand name in the running community, and for good reason: their products are great! My particular visor is incredibly light-weight, keeps sweat out of my eyes, and washes well, so I wear it every single time I run. That’s great for FootWorks because it is imprinted with their logo, so everyone who sees me run by has the opportunity to see their name! My Headsweats visor was probably on the expensive side, but because I have worn it probably 100 times and it’s been seen by dozens of people during each run, that logo’s rate of exposure is exceptionally high, making the $20-ish that they spent a worthy investment.

I can completely understand if you don’t want to spend $20 on health-related promotional products, and fortunately you don’t have to! I think that water bottles and gym towels are both excellent promotional products because people do carry them around. Even if your employee isn’t on a health kick, if you give him a nice, insulated water bottle, then chances are he’ll utilize it – or give it to someone who does hit the gym, who will bring your logo with them when they work out. Similarly, a gym towel is a wonderful giveaway because really anyone can use them. Whether you spin, practice yoga, or even golf, small towels are useful – and they have a large imprint area, meaning that your logo is visible to anyone in the vicinity!

I could keep suggesting fitness-related promotional products, but I think you’d get bored and leave the blog, so I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that healthy promos are a great way to help your customers and employees stick to their New Year’s resolutions, plus they get your company’s name out into the community, so they’re really an ideal giveaway any time of year.

And if your New Year’s resolution involves weird and hilarious exercises for your face, click on this YouTube video – this is for you!

Wear a Logo on Your Sleeve….or Lapel

lapel pins

An excellent – and inexpensive – way to market your company is with lapel pins. Not the big, round celluloid buttons that politicians give to potential voters, but small, tasteful pins that subtly display a logo.

The interesting thing about lapel pins is how various organizations use them in different ways. For instance, when Baptist Health South Florida gives out its molded pineapple pins to members of the community, they are on a card that details “The Purpose of the Pineapple,” which basically describes why it is the symbol of their company. Thus, even if the recipient does not wear the pin, Baptist has still conveyed a good amount of information. Plus, because so many individuals have gotten the pin and card, they can easily recognize it when they see a Baptist employee wearing their pin – great branding!

Camillus House is a South Florida charitable organization that also utilizes lapel pins. They give theirs to board members, donors, and employees, and I see their pins as conversation starters. That is, when an individual who is unfamiliar with the institution sees someone wearing a Camillus House pin, chances are that he or she will ask the wearer about it. This provides an excellent opportunity for someone who is active within the organization to share information with a potential volunteer.

Then there are pins that serve as commemorative items. We produce lapel pins for the various World Golf Championships events every year, and these are snapped up as souvenirs. I’ve seen custom pins that serve as souvenirs at Disney World and on cruises too. They’re an inexpensive buy that serve as a reminder of a favorite event or trip, and when an individual wears them outside of that venue he or she is providing excellent marketing for the event or trip in question! It’s a win-win!

With so many different applications, lapel pins are a promotional marketing product that can serve any company well. If you’re interested in creating a custom version for yourself, contact the Gossett Marketing team directly.

World Golf Championship Hits Doral

Phil Mickelson Golfer Golfing Golf SwingHave you been out to Doral this week? This is an exciting week for Golfers and non golfers alike. with the top players in the world hit the links at Doral. I’ve attended the championships many times at Doral and it is such a fun time. Plus, as you wonder the grounds they have many booths giving away wonderful logo’d merchandise. From seat cushions to golf balls to sport towels, fans, water bottles and so much more.

The tournament is on through Sunday — I’ll be out there on Saturday. Hope to see you there! dg


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