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At Gossett Marketing we discourage direct mail if you are just going to stuff information into a plain white envelope and send it out willy-nilly. No one takes the time to read that stuff, so you are just wasting paper. What we do like is a targeted campaign that catches the eye of the intended recipient and moves them to action.

Let’s say you’re a hotel on beautiful Miami Beach and you want to attract conference groups to your property. What I would recommend is sending several mailings to people like event planners at major firms and travel agencies that specialize in group travel. In this scenario, the first mail out would be a brightly colored post card showing the beautiful beach on one side and giving information about conference facilities on the other. In a few weeks I might follow up by sending out a small package with a pair of imprinted sunglasses along with an information pamphlet. My last mailing would be a custom printed box (perhaps that looks like a suitcase) filled with beach and business items: maybe a pair of flip-flops, an embroidered cap, margarita mix, a notebook, pen, and a mouse pad. The mix would make it memorable – the fun-in-the-sun pieces show the venue’s allure (the beach, obviously!), but the business products would be useful to the recipient and remind them of your meeting facilities. At this point I would also include detailed information about the hotel, reception rooms, and any other relevant details.

Someone on the receiving end of that kind of campaign is definitely going to take notice. Plus, he or she will probably keep the logoed promotional products, which gives the hotel extra brand exposure. So when that hotel calls to follow up on the mailings, the recipient will have developed a level of familiarity with the brand and be more likely to discuss the prospect of working together.

My hotel mailing is just one example of a creative campaign – they can be done on a smaller or larger budget and still be effective. The rule is that they need to entice the recipient. And who has ever been enticed by a plain white envelope?! So get those creative juices flowing, target your audience, and get mailing!

Suitcase Box

Sweet Reminder

Peeps Candy
A good friend of mine is an event planner here in Miami. She throws a lot of parties so her vendors often reach out to her in order to stay top of mind. She gets a tons of calls and e-mails, but she told me today about a great piece of direct mail that she recently received. A hotel that she hasn’t utilized in a while sent her a box filled with Peeps Candy and a note that said “We haven’t heard a PEEP from you!” and included their contact information. She admitted that the candy is already all gone, but the box with the hotel’s logo is sitting on her desk and she said that she said that it was a great reminder to look at their venue again. What a fun, seasonally-appropriate way to touch base with a customer!

Direct mail can be very inexpensive and it’s a great way to stay on your customers’ radar. You can be as straightforward or as clever as you want to be (here at Gossett Marketing always encourage creative promotions!). Let us know if you’re considering a direct mail – we will come up with something as sweet as the Peeps campaign!

I wonder what Hitchock would think about this remake of The Birds?  Click on this YouTube video to see what I’m talking about!


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