Bring Your Business Card

business card I have a confession to make: I talk to strangers. I don’t actively seek to do so – you’re not going to see me on the sidewalk looking for people I don’t know with whom I may strike up a conversation. But if we’re stuck in the security line at the airport side-by-side for 45 minutes, chances are I’m going to remark that I don’t understand why some people wear their most complicated boots to fly (really, why do people do that? You know you’re going to have to take them off!). Or if I think your sweater is particularly cute, I’ll certainly let you know it. I try not to be annoying (I’m not the girl who sits next to you on a plane and keeps on yakking even though you have your nose in your book, I promise), but I guess I’m just chatty. Fortunately it comes in handy sometimes.

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I live very close to a great restaurant/bar called Sports Grill. My husband and I have spent many a Sunday afternoon there eating chicken wings, and cheering on the Miami Dolphins. We always sit at the bar, so there is always someone next to either one of us, and we usually end up talking to one or both of them. Like conversations with strangers usually go, someone inevitably asks everyone’s line of work, and just by sitting at that bar my husband and I have met an executive with Cartier, local politicians, a maritime attorney, plus plenty of tipsy college kids and other generally crazy people. Very often the people we encounter decide that they can use promotional marketing products and ask for my card, which is why I am sure to always have some on me. While I can’t say that any business has come from my football Sundays at the bar, it’s worth a shot!

And it’s not just to Sports Grill that I bring my business cards: they’re in every one of my handbags. As a chatty person who isn’t shy about talking to total strangers, I have to be prepared! I’m always shocked, then, that so many of the professional people I meet randomly don’t carry theirs. While I understand that they didn’t expect to meet the weirdly-talkative girl in line at the airport, what if their dream customer was the one who was forced to stand next to them for 45 minutes? What a blown opportunity it would be if they couldn’t hand him their information! The whole world is a networking opportunity – so be sure to bring your business cards!


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