Branching Out: Innovative Promo Items!

2016 is promising to bring more innovation in promo items thus far!

We are starting to see more origination and creativity, apart from the traditional embroidered cap or duffel bag. Don’t get me wrong, a pen still proves to be one of the most highly effective promo items, as we like to call them “traveling billboards”. They go everywhere with you. However, promotional items have evolved into being more useful. Our client’s want their clients to receive a promotional item that they will use every day effectively.

2,600 "Kissable" Power Bank from Orig Audio, a must-have!

2,600 “Kissable” Power Bank from Orig Audio, a must-have!

Wireless technology has taken over promotional items with the rise in power banks, Bluetooth headphones and wireless speakers. But the items that stand out are the ones that catch the client’s eye and they will want to carry with them everywhere they go, for the simple “wow” factor. One of my favorites is this lipstick tube power bank from, perfect for any woman on the go! A perfect example of a popular promo item, but with a twist of innovation and creativity to it. A great way to stand out from the crowd and leave others wanting to know, “where did you get that?!”

Speaking of women on the go, really any on the go can benefit from the next innovative promo item. The desire for RFID protection incorporated into our traveling promo items has risen dramatically (and we really need it here, down in Miami). From passport holders and travel wallets to luggage tags and journals, RFID technology takes the next step in what would be just an ordinary travel accessory. Protecting your personal information with these great items provides you the peace of mind you need while staying stylish and organized.

So cozy with SoHoodie!

So cozy with SoHoodie!

And while on the go, we need to keep our heads warm right?! One of the most innovative promotional items that I have seen introduced in the past year is from It is a standalone hoodie that can be worn anywhere with anything! I mean, who doesn’t like the cozy feeling of a comfy sweatshirt hoodie? Customize it with your brand or logo and you are certainly going to be turning heads while keeping yours toasty!

These items above all have one thing in common: they took a rather simple, common promotional item and put their own whimsical twist on it. You want the promotional items you choose to not only stand out from the rest, but also to make your audience want to use them every day and for their most important functions.



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