Benefit from Grocery Bag Bans

Grocery Totes Grocery bags have not yet been banned in Miami, but it is a trend that seems to be spreading slowly across the nation. In fact, a ban went into effect for unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County just a couple of weeks ago.

The grocery bag ban is great because it limits the amount of waste that goes into landfills or gets littered. It is also great from a promotional marketing standpoint. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, bags are the most-used wearable promotional product. Respondents to their 2008 study used promotional bags 9 times per month, and each bag averages 1,038 impressions per month – that is literally thousands of pairs of eyes that will see a given logoed bag annually. So if a company gives out 100 logoed grocery totes that are used an average amount, their logo will be viewed 1,245,600 times!

Logoed grocery totes are truly a no-brainer. They’re inexpensive, they show that your company is “green,” and they make a dramatic impression from a marketing standpoint. Gossett Marketing has given out our own in the past, and we got phone calls from people who saw them. When plastic grocery bags are banned in South Florida, we will definitely give them out again. Even if they’re not mandatory where you live, why wouldn’t you give out logoed grocery totes?


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