Are First Impressions Still Important?

Are First Impressions Important?

In my opinion, a resounding YES!! And the thing is you can have a first impression in so many ways today. Of course, in person is the one we all think about. The old adage put your best foot forward holds true. I’ve been interviewing for a new assistant and I look at everything. Shoes (are they very worn), nails (guys too – I don’t want someone greeting people that have dirty nails), hair, make-up and of course the overall apparel look. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be professional.

First Impressions Count!

First Impressions Count!

If you don’t care enough about your appearance in public then are you going to care about me and my business?

But today, you also make a first impression on social media. For many employers it’s the first place they look after you walk out the door. I had a friend of mine about to offer a position to someone and decided to do a quick google search. Lo and behold, he had an arrest record!! Now, she did the right thing and talked to him about it and he was shocked it was still on page one. It was a vindictive ex-wife (he had the restraining order and more to prove it) but he almost lost the job because of it. They had a long discussion about it and she hired him. But they developed a plan to concentrate on his social media posts so that her attempts to sabotage him would not work.

So, it may not even be your posts you need to worry about. Keep an eye on your pages and google yourself once in awhile. It might make you smile how far you’ve moved up in the pages or it may show you something that shouldn’t be there.

In today’s instant world your first impression in person or online may be the only impression opportunity you get. So make sure “your” brand is topnotch always. Make sure you the basics down pat. Great business card – check! Great overall look – check! Great handshake (I personally hate a limp handshake — no 3 finger touch shakes — full hand please) – check! And remember if you are wearing a name tag — it should be on the right chest area so when someone shakes your hand they can see your name!!

That is the point, right. Remembering you?


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