Go for Gold: Olympic Fashions!

Every 4 years, the world gathers around one special city to support and cheer on their beloved athletes and countries.

This year that city is Rio de Janeiro. All eyes will be on the Maracanã Stadium as athletes from over two hundred countries parade together in celebration of the start of the 2016 summer Olympics.



While this year’s festivities have been muddied by negative headlines surrounding the overall preparedness of Rio and the Olympic facilities, one aspect never fails at gaining the most attention: what will the athletes and their loyal fans be wearing?

Dawning face paint, crazy hats and of course, flag capes, the promotional items touted over the course of these 2 weeks never ceases to amaze viewers. Here are some of our favorites!

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who this guy in the hate is cheering on. I mean, where can you even find a hat like that do you ask? Look no further than of course, Amazon!

Why stop at the faux fur? Add a statue to your hat!

Why stop at the faux fur? Add a statue to your hat!

I can only hope that this Brazil fan on the left is going to this year’s Olympics in his beloved country. I mean, if he went all out for the London games in 2012 like this, can you just imagine what he has in store for us this year?!

Norway has had a long standing tradition of dawning some pretty over the top uniforms. The Norway uniforms from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi inspired a whole new fashion trend: PRINTS. ALL OVER. So much so, that their fans began showing up to events in the same chevron-patterned pant suit in support of their curlers and skiers. Work it, Norway!


Team Norway!

One of my favorite promo items that has been spotted on Shark Tank and all over are the peel away face masks. The Game Face company has everything from Olympic masks to jewel masks that all can be easily peeled off after cheering on one’s perspective team, instead of dealing with all of the messy paint. Dawn your country’s flag or favorite college team without the mess! Sure to be a big hit at this year’s Olympics!

Tell us who you will be rooting for and what are some of your favorite Olympic events below! Go USA!


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