Understanding Branding Solutions!

Many years ago, just about the only option for branding items was with a simple, one color imprint, one location.

Today, with the help of new technology and machines, the options for branding have expanded is almost hard to keep up with! Below are some of the newest and most popular branding methods that will truly help your band stand out!


Debossing is a popular technique that we see used often for items such as journals, luggage tags and even a few Bluetooth speakers. The process is fairly simple which consists of using a metal plate that is pressed down on to the desired surface, leaving a grooved impression of the logo or name being used.  T802_2_v1445626182.1467035559

Epoxy Dome:

One of my favorite branding methods is the epoxy dome. The logo is rendered on a base. Depending on the size of the logo, the base can vary in size. Then it is overlaid with a bubble of clear acrylic epoxy. The dome is then affixed to the promotional product using an adhesive. Epoxy domes are being used on virtually everything. From pens to speakers and headphones to even bags and drink wear, it can turn an item that would normally get a standard one color silkscreen to an item now showcasing a beautiful, full color decoration that stands out from the rest.

4-color Process:

Showcasing items to clients with complex logos can be daunting. It can be hard to explain to those with four color logos why that alone will skyrocket the price of certain items. This is where items with a standard 4-color process imprint come in handy. I always try and take advantage of these items and showcase them to clients that I know will want to take advantage of an item that looks and feels more in line with the complexity of their brand. With this process, you can beautifully on pens, journals, speakers and tablet/phone sleeves, just to name a few. So, keep an eye out for those items where this is standard decoration. You will look like the genius that you are!

360 degree & Enlarged laser:

This new technology has allowed our clients to maximize the space allowed on the pens that hold their brand. We like to say that pens are like walking advertisements. They get stolen, dropped, forgotten and reused by many people over the course of their lifetime. Why just settle for a one location laser engraving or imprint? 360 degree laser allows you to maximize the entire surface of the pen barrel with step and repeats throughout the surface. 2

Liner Pages/Inserts:

When a client approaches us telling us they are looking for a journal to give as a gift or at an event or perhaps a back to school item, we try to always encourage them to take advantage of the inside of the journal. That is valuable space that is often forgotten about. That is why we love liner pages. Whether it be a school map for new students, or an outline of speakers at an event, or your client just wants to take advantage of 4-Color Process on the interior pages of the journal, this option really takes a simple item to the next level.

Full Coverage Deboss/Indented Dome: 3

Finally, this has to be my favorite branding method of all. Combining the technology of debossing with epoxy domes, you will be left with an item that truly stands out. Only for journals at the moment, this will certainly step up your creativity level and earn you genius points. A metal plate will deboss the entire front cover of the journal, leaving a recessed portion that features a precisely cut area for including an epoxy dome shape of any size. Now being done on power banks, this has to be the most head turning decoration method at the moment, always catching the eye of our clients at showcases and meetings.

Pricing for each of the above techniques varies of course, but depending on your client and what their brand represents, adding the extra few cents for an additional location or liner inside of a journal maybe worth it!

How are you using these branding solutions to help your brand and your clients brands stand out? Let us know below!

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Gotta’ Catch Em’ All!

If you are like me and enjoy catching up with your favorite news station at the end of a long day, there has been no avoiding this topic. Pokémon Go. It is slowly taking over my life.

The US had been awaiting the release of the augmented reality game for some time now and when it first released last week, I have to admit, I was most likely one of the first people to download it. Not joking.

But, I am not one who enjoys (nor do I have the time to) searching all over South Florida for various Pokémon and places to battle others. Thus, leading to me to finally delete the game that has been downloaded over 7.5 million times in less than a week. Oh and that’s just in the US.

Making $1.6 million daily, through in-app purchases alone, while walking the other night, almost every other kid outside was also looking for Pokémon. So how did they manage to capture us so quickly?

  • Nostalgia: Many that grew up in the 90’s spent many days trading Pokémon cards and begging their parents to buy a new pack of cards in every store they stepped into. It’s a total blast from the past. Customers enjoy reconnecting with parts of their pasts and this marketing tactic has proven to entice the customer to spend more time and more money relieving those memories. Those memories are warm and fuzzy, just like I imagine a Jigglypuff would. Connecting with your clients over something nostalgic is almost a shoe-in to creating a closer, more trustworthy and enjoyable relationship in the long-run.
  • Technology: Virtual/Augmented Reality is an industry ready to explode at any moment. Big companies such as Sony, Google, Samsung, etc. are investing big bucks into this technology in hopes to capture the eyes, minds, and money of their consumers. The payout for Nintendo has been huge. Stocks are up almost $12 billion following the release of Pokémon go just a week ago here in the United States. If you haven’t already introduced your clients to Virtual Reality, start thinking about doing so. It won’t be long before they start asking for it anyhow!
  • Community: Augmented Reality creates a connection to the end user. This has created various communities that come together on one common ground. Literally. My park was full of people playing Pokémon. And did you see the video of Central Park? One person compared it to Pokémon HQ. The point is, when people feel a part of something large than themselves, they become hooked. When you can walk outside and connect with a total stranger over Pikachu that is a newfound community. Creating this same feeling for your own clients will serve not only has a brand-builder, but most importantly, a relationship-builder.


While issues of safety and privacy have come up over the past few days, the addictive app shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Maybe I will give it another shot, just talking about the app is creating FOMO. Have you downloaded the app? Know anyone playing? Will you integrate these very marketing techniques into your interactions with your own clients? Let us know!


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