Gag Promo, Get Creative!

Are you tapping into your creativity?

I mean, are you truly promoting your brand and business in a way that will set you a part and catch the average consumer’s eye? aq5d2QM_700b

The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 messages and advertisements on a a daily basis. From billboards to magazines our phones and emails, we are bombarded every second of every day it seems.

In particular, and I have no explanation for this whatsoever, but I have been noticing the wackiest, most creative items involving Sriracha. I know, very random.

But I love Sriracha so maybe I am programmed to notice these things more? Whatever the reason, I am loving these creative promo items lately! I mean, who doesn’t want a Sriracha bottle USB sticking out from their laptop/computer?37777646_069_d

From the to-go, mini-bottle of Sriracha with the carabiner to attach to your keys to the gag-promo Sriracha bra (yes, this ended up in my email and I am not sure why), my mind has just been infiltrated fully by Sriracha.

And now that I have my Sriracha on the go, it has me thinking, are we all expanding our brand beyond the boundaries regulated to our markets? Many are hesitant about branding wacky items such as these, but the truth is, consumers are more likely to desire or want that item more if it is something that will in turn, have others around them noticing their USB or wacky key chain.

So take risks with your branding! It could end up in the inbox or purse of one consumer and beyond the boundries of where you thought your branding ended.

Silkscreening 101

One of the most common techniques for imprinting promotional marketing products is silkscreening. It’s a fairly straightforward process. First, a mesh screen is created with your company’s logo – the design that is going to be printed is left open and the non-imprinted spaces are closed off so that they remain blank. Once the screen is made it is placed on, say, a bag and ink is spread over it. Ink passes through the portions of the screen that are open and the places that are closed off remain blank. Your bag now has a 1-color imprint.

But what if your logo is multiple colors? In that case, silkscreening becomes a more labor intensive process. You see, imprinting a multicolor logo requires the creation of several screens – one for each color. Each color is printed individually, and each must dry completely before the next is added. Because it requires multiple setup and it takes additional time, silkscreening multiple colors on a t-shirt or other promotional item is more expensive than just imprinting with a single hue.

What about sizing? Well all of that depends on what you are imprinting. A logo on a tote bag may not transition well onto say a pen or stress reliever. In fact, certain items will only accommodate a maximum of one color. It is important to keep that in mind when picking items to hold and reflect your branding. Modifications may have to be made to the artwork when printing across several items.

Sizing also matters when it comes to silkscreening on a shirt. A logo that looks good at 14 inches to 24 inches, is most likely too detailed and intricate to print the same on a t-shirt. And depending on the location you will be imprinting on the shirt, you must also consider sizing, whether it will be the front chest, left chest, the sleeve or back. Front and back imprints can range anywhere from 10″ to 12″. Keep in mind the fit of the shirt. If it is more formfitting, the logo may look best a bit smaller, rather than trying to max out the imprint area.

The items that you can silkscreen are seemingly endless. Some of the most popular items include gym towels, mugs, pens and grocery totes. It’s a great way to get your logo on items that your customers will carry – which will, of course, assist in your branding efforts!



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