WalMart Uh – Oh!

I have to admit, geography wasn’t always my strongest subject growing up.

Understandably, it can be difficult to differentiate certain states from others. Wyoming and Colorado can easily be confused, as can New Mexico and Utah. But hey, that is if I am just looking at a map and trying to point out states! It can get confusing!

Certain states, however, have unmistakable shapes. Texas, California, Florida, the list goes on. However, someone at Walmart was able to confuse the state of Massachusetts with the state of Maryland, placing  the University of Maryland Terps logo, stamped over an outline of Massachusetts. Capture

A customer spotted the goof last week, quickly tweeting it to Walmart directly. I still find it amazing that communications with big companies can easily happen over social media now, but I digress.

Walmart responded to the customer with and explanation that made no sense at all and eventually told the customer they would be pulling the shirts off the shelves.

How did this even happen? I can’t wrap my head around it, but this is a great reminder to double, triple, quadruple check before putting a logo of any sorts that will be out there for customers to see and buy! Clients trust us to know their logo’s in and out, that even if it is a simple pen or t-shirt, we better be sure we are getting it right. Lesson learned, Walmart!



Promote Green!

Every year on April 22, 192 countries celebrate Earth Day by promoting going green!

On this day, many recognize the imperative need to give back to earth and the communities we live in. Whether its by using Eco-friend products, planting a tree, or picking up trash along a beach somewhere, there are many things individually that we can do to promote living in a “green” day 2

I love gardening. While doing some good for the earth and mother nature, you can grow an abundance of flowers, fruits and vegetables right in your back yard. Look for sets like this one from Prime Line. It includes three biodegradable planters and soil wafers. Add the seed packets of basil, parsley and chive and you are all set! This makes a great appreciation gift, and really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Bamboo items are a popular item as they are eco-friendly and just as useful! Whether is a desk organizer, pen, notebook, or even kitchen utensils, giving this out will surely turn heads and wow everyone.

Everyone appreciates items that can be used for multiple occasions. Give your end-user something they will want to use everyday and most of all, feel good about using day after day. From a recycled tote to a eco-friendly sport bottle, these items will always be an arms length from your client, all the while contributing to our community!

Take a Bite Out of the Food Industry

We hear it time and time again…

“We didn’t know you guys did that!” or “Well, I have a food guy.”

Well, I must admit we are partially to blame. We tend to showcase food items and gifts to our clients around the holidays. But who wouldn’t like to receive a box of chocolates or nut and candy tower? Anyone…? Bueller…?

Apart from using them as gifts, think about the times during the year where you see family members and loved ones for a celebration. We come together over food and great meals. Food brings people together in all settings and provides a common grown. At your next showcase or convention, try leaving out some branded chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered Oreos with a white chocolate drizzle. The difference in the amount of traffic that table will receive, compared to the tables offering a brochure and pen will be all the proof one needs. The difference will go a long way.

Food can also be a sign of appreciation and good fortune. A client of ours shows that appreciation to her employees yearly by sending them a beautiful gift basket on their birthdays featuring cheeses, crackers, meats, olives, cookies etc. The list of goodies is endless! And so are the possibilities!

The greatest thing about setting up programs like these for clients is that they are fit to meet their needs. They ordered the baskets all at once, but the manufacturer takes care of the fulfillment process, sending out the individual baskets once the date has arrived. Our client doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Say it with me now, “set it! And forget it!”3x

Of course, before clients will order, they must taste. I mean, how often do you buy a car without driving it? Clients must taste what they are going to be gifting or serving at events. A perfect way to do this is to start with creative story boards and virtuals that feature the items and the clients branding. This way, they are able to see and envision what the packaging will look like. However, the hook here is to arrange with your client a tasting, where you will set up all the foods they are interested in from looking at the virtuals, buffet style. This will allow your client to invite others that may be interested in the items for a future event or holiday celebration to come and utilize all five senses.

My point here is that putting the spotlight on a nice ham or chocolate tower of delicious treats shouldn’t just be for the holidays. They draw more attention and appreciation then your clients may realize, and our job is to provide that slight nudge and reminder that food gifts are appreciated all year-round. Now get out there and grab your bite!


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