Happy Thanksgiving!

photo from savannahnow.com

photo from savannahnow.com

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gossett Marketing team! We’ve taken this week off from the blog but will be back to fill your heads with promotional products knowledge next week.

We are very thankful for all of our readers!

Open Your Doors this Thanksgiving

photo from catchmyparty.com

photo from catchmyparty.com

Our family has always had an open-door Thanksgiving policy. There aren’t too many of us and my mom loves to cook, cooks very well, and is incapable of making a Thanksgiving dinner that is small enough for just our blood relatives, so she and my dad have always encouraged us to invite any of our friends who have nowhere else to go for the holiday. They do the same and so it becomes a multigenerational and eclectic gathering. Last year we had a farmer, a federal judge, a developer, a former Army Ranger, a promotional products distributor (me!), a budget analyst, and a prosecutor. With a bunch of people who only somewhat know each other, talk generally starts off with the inevitable “what do you do?” question, and then as the wine continues to flow it gets a little more fun!

I’ve always enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinners and the fun mix of people (in addition to the great food) is the main reason why. And I’m not saying that it’s a true networking opportunity, but it is a good way to get to know people with whom I might not have ever spent much time – or shared a bottle of wine! While I have never sold any promotional marketing products at the Thanksgiving dinner table there is always the off chance that it could happen or that I could build the base of a relationship that later turns to a business one.

Long story short, if you are hosting a Thanksgiving celebration this year, why not open your doors to friends or friends-of-friends who might otherwise spend the holiday alone? They will definitely appreciate it, hopefully they will provide you with good company (or at least an extra set of hands to help wash dishes), and down the road they could become friends or business associates. The more the merrier, right?

Play Santa and Promote Your Biz

photo from poohadventures.wikia.com

photo from poohadventures.wikia.com

Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? How will you and your company celebrate? Will you reach out to your customers and give them a gift? You should because whether they are large or small, a holiday gift will make a good impression on your customers! And if you choose to give them some type of logoed promotional marketing product, then it will do even more than that – it will help you market your business to them during and after the holiday season. So what do I recommend you give? Here are some options.

Mobile Charging Items – Everyone has some type of personal electronics device and those things end up losing power. Help your customers combat that problem by giving them some type of mobile charger. There are inexpensive ones that plug into car outlets or if you have a bigger budget, then you can give away power banks – these battery packs hold the “juice” that electronics need and can be plugged in on the go. Plus if your customer carries around a charger with your company’s name on it, then he or she will see so whenever they use it, which is probably going to be pretty often.

Edible Gifts – You might think that items that your customers consume wouldn’t have a chance to make a lasting impression on them. However, that’s not necessarily the case. You can give them a giant chocolate bar that is molded into the shape of your logo. If it weighs numerous pounds, then hopefully it will last for a while and your imprint will get multiple looks. Smoked salmon delivered in an elegant package with your name branded on the top is a very high-end holiday present. Most people will probably wait for an occasion to serve it, so it – and your name/logo – will spend some time in their refrigerators. That will give customers a chance to see your branding, then when they do decide to enjoy the salmon hopefully they will reflect on who gave it to them.

Spa Gifts – Personally, I love spa gifts and I know that they hang around in my house for a while because, and this might be a weird thing that’s unique to me, I use them but I hate to finish them. So if you give me a branded candle or some pretty bath salts with your logo on them, I will utilize them until I have just a bit left, then hang onto them for a time when I really need to pamper myself. That could be months, and if I see your logo each time I take a bath, well, that’s a good return on your investment.

Business Gifts – “Business Gifts” is a pretty broad category. It can include anything from desktop items to stationery pieces to coffee tumblers. These are the types of gifts that tend to be seen regularly because they sit on a desk or they get pulled out for meetings or they make the daily commute and caffeinate the recipient.

Whatever you choose, giving your customers holiday gifts is always a nice gesture. And the fact that doing so helps you build your brand is just an added bonus. So start ordering your promotional holiday gifts now!

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We got a Facelift!

We’ve been talking about it for ages and we finally bit the bullet and got Gossett Marketing’s sad, old website the facelift it needed. We’ve buffed it and fluffed it and it’s ready for its closeup, so please take a moment to visit by clicking here. I hope that you enjoy its new look as much as we do!

Word of Mouth is Powerful

photo from weheartit.com

photo from weheartit.com

My coworker will be out of town this weekend attending a business conference with her husband. Wanting to make a good impression, she scheduled a hair appointment for this week. She made the date with her hairstylist over a month ago and then she spent the five days before their scheduled meeting trying to confirm that they were still on. She never heard from her hairdresser so she threw caution to the wind and showed up at the salon at the appointed time and was very disappointed that she was the only one there – she had been stood up!

This coworker and her stylist have a longstanding relationship so it really upset her that she would be blown off so casually after having had her hair done by the same woman for years and years. Not to mention the fact that she really felt like she needed a cut and some color before this conference, and when she told me about the non-appointment she said, “I felt sick to my stomach because I was so stressed about it.” I know that sounds dramatic but when you have a good relationship with a stylist and it goes sour, it is very much like breaking up with a romantic partner. It’s hard to find someone you like in the first place, then to split up and have to find someone new is a lot of work! Fortunately, though, she got a great referral and when she explained to the new hairdresser her dilemma he immediately offered to open up his shop early for her the next day so that she would be on time for her event!

Now that you’ve spent part of your life reading about my coworker’s hair problems I’ll tell you what I’m taking away from this story. First, she is really ticked off about her original hair stylist blowing her off. And she is not hesitating to tell her story – including both the name of the salon and the stylist herself – which certainly tarnishes the salon and stylist’s reputations. Second, she’s thrilled that a hair person who does not know her from Adam is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help her out. Much as I’ve heard the name of the offending salon, I’ve also now heard about the hero salon and hair stylist! Moving forward I know that my coworker will be a patron of the new hair place and its very accommodating hair care professional – and that she will not hesitate to tell both the excellent and the bad portions of her story.

Word of mouth – both negative and positive – is a very powerful thing, but one that is in your power to control. So if you are a professional, then behave accordingly.

Donated Promo Items and Happy Recipients

Happy Kids
Very often when we sell promotional marketing materials to our customers we have no idea where they will end up. Our customers might call and say, “I need something for a health fair,” or “I have an event in two weeks and $10 per person to spend,” but generally that’s as much information as we receive. It’s always funny, then, when we end up somewhere where people give us the promo items that we sourced.

That said, we recently had orders whose final destination we knew right off the bat. FINCA, a microfinance bank for whom we provide promotional products, contacted us because they needed donations for schoolchildren in Haiti. They requested backpacks, pencil cases with pencils, and lunchboxes, all imprinted with their logo and we delivered them to Haiti in time for the start of the school year. We knew just who would receive these items and it was a treat to think of how happy the kids would be to get fresh, new materials that, without FINCA, they probably would not have gotten. The best part of the orders was that after they were delivered to the island and distributed to the children, our contact within FINCA sent us photos of the smiling students with their quality school supplies!

Ideally people who see the school kids with their FINCA-branded bags and coolers will turn to the organization for microloans that will better their futures. But in the meantime I’m just glad that the promotional items with which we assisted resulted in joyful youngsters!

See Setbacks as Opportunities

photo from www.philly.com

photo from www.philly.com

Taylor Swift recently pulled her music from the streaming service Spotify because she feels that it does not pay her enough. She joins a handful of artists including Coldplay and Beyonce who feel similarly and do not allow the service to broadcast their songs. As I’ve said, though, I’m not really into music so I’m not going to delve into artists’ rights or any of that in this article; rather, I’m going to share a good point that I heard on the Today Show this morning.

Ok, ok, I know that the Today Show isn’t hard-hitting news, but I still watch it every morning. Where else can I get Martha Stewart’s Halloween recipes, learn about the hidden dangers at the nail salon/airport/city park, and get my daily dose of Al Roker?! So now that I’ve justified my television viewing habits to you I will get to the point!

This morning on Today the anchors were discussing Taylor Swift’s decision to leave Spotify and Willie Geist (my favorite!) made a good point. He said something that boiled down to the fact that Swift not allowing her music to be played on streaming services is probably a smart financial choice for her because people who want to hear it on demand will have to pay for it. But he also noted that her leaving Spotify is also bringing that service a lot of exposure and probably introducing it to people who were not even aware of its existence – meaning that it might get even more subscribers out of the deal.

I thought that Willie’s point was an astute one, and one that we can all apply to our own businesses. As cliché as this is, every cloud truly does have a silver lining so remember that every time you have a setback. No matter how bad it may seem at the time, keep moving forward – and maybe take a cue from Spotify and write a cute blog post in the process!

Promotional Products for Kids

photo from www.ispot.tv

photo from www.ispot.tv

I often blog about the various festivals held around Miami and today is no different. This past weekend was the Chamber SOUTH South Miami Art Festival, an annual event that, while smaller than some of the other art fests in South Florida, is always very nice and well-attended. It was our first weekend of really nice weather, so the festival seemed even busier than usual this year – hopefully that brought the artist and other vendors some good sales!

I live near the site of the South Miami Art Festival so I was in and out of it quite a bit and one thing that kept catching my eye was little kids holding plus replicas of GEICO Insurance’s gecko mascot. I did not immediately spot the insurance company’s stand but when I did I spotted the mounds of stuffed toys – and I spied tons of children dragging their parents over to claim their geckos. The “dragging the parents over” aspect of that last sentence is definitely what GEICO counted on when they ordered their custom promotional marketing products. A parent was not going to turn down a free toy for their child, and when families approached the table insurance representatives pounced on them!

Now I have no idea how many parents signed up for GEICO insurance when they claimed their gecko stuffed animal with their child. However, I do know that all of the little people at the festival – and it was a lot of them – were happily walking around with a promotional product, giving the company a ton of brand exposure in the process.


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