Wear a Logo on Your Sleeve….or Lapel

lapel pins

An excellent – and inexpensive – way to market your company is with lapel pins. Not the big, round celluloid buttons that politicians give to potential voters, but small, tasteful pins that subtly display a logo.

The interesting thing about lapel pins is how various organizations use them in different ways. For instance, when Baptist Health South Florida gives out its molded pineapple pins to members of the community, they are on a card that details “The Purpose of the Pineapple,” which basically describes why it is the symbol of their company. Thus, even if the recipient does not wear the pin, Baptist has still conveyed a good amount of information. Plus, because so many individuals have gotten the pin and card, they can easily recognize it when they see a Baptist employee wearing their pin – great branding!

Camillus House is a South Florida charitable organization that also utilizes lapel pins. They give theirs to board members, donors, and employees, and I see their pins as conversation starters. That is, when an individual who is unfamiliar with the institution sees someone wearing a Camillus House pin, chances are that he or she will ask the wearer about it. This provides an excellent opportunity for someone who is active within the organization to share information with a potential volunteer.

Then there are pins that serve as commemorative items. We produce lapel pins for the various World Golf Championships events every year, and these are snapped up as souvenirs. I’ve seen custom pins that serve as souvenirs at Disney World and on cruises too. They’re an inexpensive buy that serve as a reminder of a favorite event or trip, and when an individual wears them outside of that venue he or she is providing excellent marketing for the event or trip in question! It’s a win-win!

With so many different applications, lapel pins are a promotional marketing product that can serve any company well. If you’re interested in creating a custom version for yourself, contact the Gossett Marketing team directly.

Branding Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Right after college one of my friends started dating Captain Morgan. No, not the actual pirate (if he even was a real person!) but the guy who was paid by the rum company to play the Captain at events. It was a blast! He would take us to huge parties, parades, and tailgates every weekend! While we gals loved going to the Captain Morgan events with the Captain, they were actually big jobs for him. He was tall, but not quite as tall as the company wanted, so he had to wear shoe lifts, his costume was stifling (no one should wear a frock coat in Miami), he had to affect a deep “captain-y” voice… He was representing Captain Morgan Rum, and the company was really serious about their brand ambassador, so, as odd as it seems, he had to work exceptionally hard!

Sadly, my friend and the Captain broke up after a few months, but I still think of him often because Captain Morgan is everywhere. He’s on television, he’s at bars handing out t-shirts and rum, and apparently he’s been spending time in dorm rooms recently! Really! I just read this article in The Miami Herald – apparently a 5’2” promotional statue of the Captain was recently stolen from its home in the Florida Keys, so the local police issued a “BOLO” (be on the lookout) to find it before this weekend’s Fantasy Fest parade: sponsored, of course, by Captain Morgan Rum.

I know that my stories about knowing the Captain and the piece in the Herald are both rather silly (but true!). However, they are demonstrative of Captain Morgan’s willingness to market itself heavily: having an actual mascot, sponsoring a major parade, and creating a huge custom promotional product are all expensive branding strategies for a company that seems to have a firm hold on the spiced rum market. But, much like Coca Cola and Apple – two of the world’s most recognized brands – they are determined to keep, and hopefully expand, their market share by, well, being everywhere. Sure, it might seem like overkill, but can you name another spiced rum brand? I can’t.

In case you’ve missed it, check out this YouTube video to see the latest Captain Morgan commercial:

Go To Your Customers

Meeting I’ve been an Account Executive at Gossett Marketing for just about 3 years now, and one thing I’ve done since starting out here is I’ve always gone to my customers. That is, if I schedule a meeting with someone I almost always do it at his or her office. Now, it’s not always the easiest thing to do: we sell promotional marketing products, so I’m often hauling bags full of samples through long hospital corridors. But it makes our customers’ lives easier, so of course we do it!

Going to our customers isn’t only advantageous for them, though, it actually works out really well for us. First of all, none of our customers is an “island,” they work with people who we get to meet when we go to their offices. It’s great to be introduced to new people within any given organization: more contacts mean more business opportunities. Plus, the fact that I’m already an approved vendor puts me at the top of these new contacts’ lists when they need marketing materials. I was actually at the University of Miami recently and I got two nice orders rather than the one that I was anticipating just because I was introduced to someone’s colleague!

Another benefit to going to our customers’ offices is it often speeds up the decision making process. For instance, let’s say I’m working on a large project with Baptist Health South Florida and I need to show them a preproduction sample of a custom duffel bag. If I have one person from their Marketing department come to my office to take a peek, I will have to wait for her to get back to her office and show it to the rest of the decision makers before I can go ahead and approve full production. If, however, I bring it to her, then she and I can show it to the powers that be, discuss any necessary changes, and get rolling right away. It saves everyone time and trouble.

Now, I know that not every meeting can be taken at your customers’ office, but when you can, try going to your customers. They will appreciate the excellent service that you provide, and it might just benefit your business.

Custom Promo Products from Gossett Marketing

Virgin Atlantic Flying Teacup

Hello everyone! This is Lillian Osborn with InterestingMarketingTidbits.com – I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, but you’ve never heard my voice, so check out this YouTube video where I’ll show you some of the unique custom promotional products that Gossett Marketing has created for a few of our customers.

First up, is the “flying teacup” for Virgin Atlantic Airways, which was completely custom designed and produced. Something a little simpler is the thermos that we did for Royal Caribbean International. Next you will see the pewter frame that was created for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. Following that is the University of Miami Health System’s custom-molded “U” stress reliever. And lastly you’ll see embedded Lucite awards like the ones that we produce annually for Burger King.

Keep checking back for more creative ideas and custom marketing solutions!

Unselfish Networking

Military Dogs This past weekend I met former Special Forces medic who recently adopted a bomb sniffing dog named Larry. Larry’s handler was shot in Afghanistan so both he and the dog were taken out of active duty and, as I learned this weekend, a trained military dog can’t just go home with anyone after he retires – he must be taken in by a law enforcement agency. Charles, the man who adopted Larry, is a District Attorney so he was able to get the pooch out of the kennel at Fort Campbell: now Larry lives with and goes to work with Charles!

Bringing home a tightly-wound military dog like Larry is no small task. He is so highly trained that he almost has no “off” switch. That’s not to say that he’s a bad dog – he’s sweet and so much fun to play with – he just requires a lot of attention and energy. Even though he knew that taking him in would be big work, Charles wanted to give Larry a good home because it meant so much to his former handler.  I must say, I really admire Charles for adopting his bomb sniffing companion. Doing so shows his dedication to his wounded former brother-in-arms, and I found it moving.

Having met Charles and Larry I was inspired to go above and beyond the call of duty; however, I am not in the Special Forces, I work at Gossett Marketing. So what can I do to help others? Well, for starters, I’m going to stop being selfish. I know that when I network I often have a “me first” attitude – I want to meet people who will benefit my business immediately. In the spirit of unselfishness, I am going to do my best to drop that attitude and actively attempt to help others before thinking about what they can do for me. The easiest way that I know to do this is to introduce people to one another: if I think that Joe’s company might be of service to Susie’s, I am going to tell them both why and I am going to do everything in my power to bring them together. So many people have done this for me – I’m going to pay it forward.

My next unselfish step will be developing a “yes” attitude. When a Chamber member wants me to be a part of his or her committee, I am going to try to give them an unequivocal yes (within reason – I can’t be on every committee!). Or if someone wants me to participate in a race like The Corporate Run, then I’m in.

Lastly, I will be liberal with [solicited] advice. If I meet someone who is just starting out his sales or marketing career and I can help him in any way, why wouldn’t I? I recognize that no one likes a know it all, but if someone asks me what I’d do in a particular situation, then I’m going to be as frank as I can.

Truly, if Charles can be so kind as to take in a high-strung Belgian Malinois, then surely I can find it in my heart to be a generous networker. Can you?

Being Charitable is Good Marketing

Panera Pink Ribbon Bagel

Here’s something you might not know about me: I’m a boring lunch eater. Painfully boring. I have a salad every single day and it is always topped with some sort of Newman’s Own dressing (today’s was Sun Dried Tomato – quite tasty!). I didn’t always eat my boring old salads with Newman’s Own, but a few years ago as I perused the wall of dressings at my local Publix the brand caught my eye. The Sesame Ginger looked good, and when I looked at the bottle I was reminded that all of their proceeds go to charity, meaning that I would have felt guilty putting it back , plus I felt good about myself for “donating”!

Companies that give back – whether it is all of their profits or just the proceeds from selling one particular item – are really doing themselves a favor both marketing and sales-wise. I buy at least one Newman’s Own product every time I go to the grocery store, and I always feel good about it! This feeling also drives me to purchase things that I otherwise would not buy. Take, for instance, Panera Bread. For the month of October they are selling a Pink Ribbon Bagel and donating a portion of the earnings to breast cancer research. To me, a girl who eats a salad every day to cut calories, I see these Pink Ribbon Bagels as an excuse to eat an otherwise-forbidden food. Normally I would not have a bagel for breakfast, but knowing that this item benefits cancer research definitely makes me feel better about indulging.

I suppose that the Newman’s Own and Panera examples are highlighting a kind of “halo effect.” These foods are marketed as being “good” so the people who consume them can, in turn, feel good about doing so. Sure, they might lead you to eating a few extra calories, but so what? They’re also helping our communities and our health, and, quite frankly, they’re helping their own companies’ bottom lines. Overall, I’d say that being charitable is a marketing strategy that benefits everyone!

In honor of Paul Newman, click on this YouTube video – a clip from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Give Away Handy Promo Products

Tangled Wires

Gossett Marketing is a promotional marketing company, so when one of my customers orders 1,000 stress relievers, I’m more than happy to get those for her. But as you know, I’m always pushing to do something different. No, I don’t try to make our customers order the most expensive items we offer, I just try to help them differentiate themselves by giving away more interesting branding pieces. If you ask me, the best promo products are somewhat unusual and handy – those are the pieces that get your logo the best exposure because, well, people actually do utilize them.

Bud Bear


Earbuds Holder – this is a little piece of aluminum that is designed to neatly hold your earbuds when you are listening to your iPod. This would be a great gift for a gym to give to new members – that way whenever they used their headphones they would see the logo.


Pet Hydration Bottle Portable Pet Hydration System – I don’t know where you live, but in Miami people take their dogs everywhere (even big ones, I recently saw a weimaraner at Neiman Marcus). It’s often quite warm here, so the poor pups are always panting and thirsty, so this water bottle with a “lick spout” is a convenient way to refresh them on the go. It’s also quite a conversation piece, so your logo will definitely be noticed and probably discussed. These are great ideas for vets, pet shops, groomers, or really anyone who works with canines.


Folding Step Stool

Folding Step Stool – no matter how tall you are, who doesn’t need a step stool occasionally? This folding version is so handy because you can store it just about anywhere, and whenever your customer needs to get something off of the top shelf, he or she will see your company’s logo. I can see an electrician giving these out to his customers – they’ll see his name whenever they change a hard-to-reach lightbulb!



Now, don’t get me wrong, I love promotional caps and bags, but these less-common and highly-practical giveaways are sure to get your logo noticed.  They’re too handy not to utilize!

Fabulous Weather Means Tourism – and Business

South Beach If you’re a regular visitor to our blog then you already know that Gossett Marketing is located in Miami, Florida. I love living down here, but in a lot of ways Miami is a weird place (anyone hear about the giant snails that are invading?!). One of our delightfully-backwards qualities is that the winter brings us our best weather. Not too hot, not too cool, not too humid, it’s just generally perfect. Well, that weather is slowly approaching – this past weekend was the first in months without 85%+ humidity! And with the approach of the perfect weather comes the approach of the tourists.

Even though the influx of visitors in the winter time is dramatic, you’ll never hear me complain about tourists – when they’re here there are so many fun events around town! We have Art Basel, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, boat shows, and wine walks: things that the locals enjoy too. And they mean big business for South Florida. Hotels and restaurants get full, tourists shop at our beautiful outdoor malls – heck, even promotional marketing companies do more work!

As I mentioned, this past weekend ushered in our first taste of non-summer weather, well these past few weeks have also seen an increase in tourism-related promotional products orders. A hotel chain on South Beach just ordered tradeshow giveaways, we’re designing tote bags for a convention that will take place here in a few months, and we’re working on logoed giveaways for local sponsors to include in gift bags at some of the aforementioned events.

I’m sure other parts of the world see similar upticks in business during their peak seasons – I’m just happy that one of our busiest times of the year coincides with the best time to be a Miamian!

Does the weather and/or tourism influence your business? If so, tell us why in the comments below!

And if you want to get a song stuck in your head, click on this YouTube video so you can hear Will Smith’s hit single “Miami.”

A Crazy Promotional Product

Troll Dolls

Are you looking for an unusual promotional marketing product? Well look no further! The gang here at Gossett Marketing has just the thing for you – Crazy Spirit Hair! These custom-imprinted headbands have sewn-on hair in the color or colors of your choice, so when the recipient puts them on they get that “troll doll” effect, which is sure to attract attention to your logo. Check it out:

Crazy Spirit Hair Promotional Product

Now I know you’re thinking, “who would give these out?” Well, they’re great for sporting events (I can see the FIU Panthers giving them out to students at homecoming). I also like them for fun holidays like the 4th of July (in red, white, and blue), company picnics, or concerts.

Sure, Crazy Spirit Hair is a silly promotional product, but it is definitely a fun conversation piece that will get your logo noticed!


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