Benefit from Grocery Bag Bans

Grocery Totes Grocery bags have not yet been banned in Miami, but it is a trend that seems to be spreading slowly across the nation. In fact, a ban went into effect for unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County just a couple of weeks ago.

The grocery bag ban is great because it limits the amount of waste that goes into landfills or gets littered. It is also great from a promotional marketing standpoint. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, bags are the most-used wearable promotional product. Respondents to their 2008 study used promotional bags 9 times per month, and each bag averages 1,038 impressions per month – that is literally thousands of pairs of eyes that will see a given logoed bag annually. So if a company gives out 100 logoed grocery totes that are used an average amount, their logo will be viewed 1,245,600 times!

Logoed grocery totes are truly a no-brainer. They’re inexpensive, they show that your company is “green,” and they make a dramatic impression from a marketing standpoint. Gossett Marketing has given out our own in the past, and we got phone calls from people who saw them. When plastic grocery bags are banned in South Florida, we will definitely give them out again. Even if they’re not mandatory where you live, why wouldn’t you give out logoed grocery totes?

The Positive Effect of Gifts With Purchase

Bill Cosby Jell-O

July 12th is Bill Cosby’s birthday. Whenever I hear about Mr. Cosby, I always think of Jell-O! Yes, he created The Cosby Show, which was incredibly successful, but in my mind his enduring legacy is Jell-O, and more specifically Jell-O Jigglers.

Do you remember Jigglers? Essentially you made Jell-O in a jelly roll pan and then cut it into fun shapes. I never particularly enjoyed eating a bowl of gelatin, but Jigglers were a different story – I loved them!

I have no proof of this, but I seem to remember Jell-O doing a giveaway when they launched the Jiggler concept. If you bought a certain amount of gelatin, you could mail away for a free set of cookie cutters. What a great way to use a promotional marketing product to boost sales! Jigglers were fun and different, and the commercials featured Bill Cosby, thus I’m sure every little kid wanted to make them using the official Jell-O brand gelatin cutters. So they undoubtedly pestered their mom or dad into buying that extra box of gelatin to be eligible for the giveaway!

A gift with purchase or giveaway like the one that I seem to recall Jell-O doing is a great way to get your customers to purchase more. And the giveaway does not have to be expensive to be effective: custom cookie cutters probably cost pennies. Let us know what you sell and Gossett Marketing can help you choose the perfect gift with purchase – a bag, a beautiful pen, or maybe a box of custom molded chocolate. We would love to help you boost sales by giving your customers a little something extra.

In case you don’t remember Bill Cosby’s Jell-O commercials, click on this YouTube video. It is a quick one to refresh your memory.

Promotional T-Shirts Heighten Business

There is a company in Key West, Florida that is now offering James Bond-style jetpack flights. Really. According to The Washington Post, “Participants strap on a flight pack that looks like the one actor Sean Connery wore in Thunderball. A 30-foot hose tethers the apparatus to a tiny boat with a pump that uses seawater as propellant.”

I was intrigued when I read this, so I looked up the company that is providing this unusual experience. Jetpack Adventures offers 1 ½ hour sessions to beginners – this includes an hour of instruction and 30 minutes of actual flight time. It seems like it would be a blast (horrible pun intended)!

Jetpack flights are such a novelty that I’m sure the company will do well.   But, being in the promotional marketing business, I’m always looking for a way to help companies do better. When I looked at Jetpack Adventures’ website I noticed that they sell hats and shirts. In addition to doing that, I would suggest that they give a free t-shirt to every participant. The shirts can have their logo with a tagline like, “I Survived the Jetpack Experience,” or “Gravity Can’t Stop Me!” Something fun that a satisfied customer will be happy to wear. A white cotton t-shirt is an inexpensive investment and it would lead to the Jetpack Adventures being spotted all around the country, if not the world. A happy customer, plus a cotton t-shirt equals an excellent promotional marketing opportunity that will surely heighten business!

Click on this YouTube video to see jetpacks in action!

Persistence is not Annoying

Annoying 97.3 “The Coast,” a South Florida easy listening station, is always playing in the Gossett Marketing office. It’s background music and I rarely even realize what’s playing, but The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby” was just on and it caught my attention. I never realized how very, very many times the refrain, “Don’t you want me baby” is repeated! At the end of the song they must say it over and over again for a full minute, and it struck me as sounding both repetitive and annoying. I’m not a master of deciphering lyrics, so I might be getting the message wrong, but that is how it felt to me.

“Repetitive” and “annoying” are also how I sometimes feel when I follow up with new business contacts. When I meet people at networking events I am always sure to touch base with them shortly after the event. I like to establish a relationship, especially if my new contact indicated that he or she and I could potentially do business with one another. If the individual and I spoke about setting up a meeting, then you can be sure that I am going to continue to follow up until we set that date. Sometimes this requires multiple e-mails and phone calls, and I usually feel like I must be driving the person crazy. I truly feel like I’m being supremely repetitive and annoying, but deep down I realize that I am not.

I’ve read a statistic that claims that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact and I believe it. People are busy. I get hundreds of e-mails each day and it seems like my voicemail light is always blinking. I understand how a new acquaintance can overlook a few notes or phone messages – heck, I’ve done it myself. So I know that if I stop following up with a new contact because he or she does not immediately get back to me, then chances are that I will never hear from him or her again. But if I am persistent, then it will eventually dawn on the individual that they owe me a phone call.

While it feels like I’m being annoying, being persistent is the best way that I know to create a new business relationship. When you make new contacts at networking events, you need to keep reminding them about who you are and what you do. Even if it takes 4 unanswered phone calls and 3 e-mails, being persistent is worth it in the long run because eventually I will score that meeting and hopefully gain a new customer for life.

Click on this YouTube video – that’s one persistent dog (although his effort is less fruitful than my own!):

Order Your 2012 Calendars…in July?

Photo Calendars

I recognize that it is the first full week of July, so you are probably not thinking about ordering 2012 calendars; however, now is a great time to do just that! Most of our suppliers offer early bird discounts that expire at the end of the summer. You can get great deals by ordering early, so if you have room to store them until you’re ready to distribute, then you should definitely take advantage of these offers.

Aside from the excellent bargains that you can get by ordering sooner rather than later, you might be wondering: why calendars? Well, they are excellent promotional marketing products because they are incredibly useful. Everybody needs at least one, so if you give a calendar to your customer, then chances are that he or she will utilize it. Thus, he or she will see your logo every day.

A calendar can also reflect your business’s “personality” in a way that other promotional products cannot. If you have a green initiative like the University of Miami, then you can get recycled calendars that offer eco tips. Or if your company offers computer support, why not get paper mouse pads that function as monthly tear-away calendars? At Gossett Marketing we create unique custom products, so our next calendar might include their images – a promotional marketing product that features pictures of promotional marketing products!

Does your company give out calendars? If so, what kind? Wall calendars, desktop, wallet cards, magnets? There are so many options! Let us know what kind you prefer in the comments below.


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