The Ultimate Promotional Product

Although the new Florida Marlins stadium is a controversial project, I am quite excited for it to open next season. I love baseball, but I don’t love to drive for 45 minutes (traffic willing) to sit in the heat and possibly get rained on. So an indoor, air conditioned stadium that is in Miami will be great for me!

An interesting question that various news stations have been kicking around is, what will the stadium be named? The Heat play at the American Airlines Arena, the Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium, so who will sponsor the Marlins’ new ballpark? Rumors abound and whoever finally wins the bid is getting the ultimate promotional product! Think of how many people will see their logo on the stadium and hear their name on TV and radio because of it – it is superlative branding!

If your company can’t afford to sponsor an entire stadium, all hope is not lost. You can still utilize the power of a professional team to market your brand. For example, the Dolphins have an annual fishing tournament – surely being a named sponsor of that event will give you a high level of exposure. Or what about donating a set of Marlins tickets to an auction? That will surely get your name out there. Another great idea would be to give something that the team could include in a gift bag: hats or golf shirts are always welcome and they give your logo great exposure.

Even if you can’t have the ultimate promotional marketing item, a stadium, you can use your hometown teams to promote your brand!

Check out the Marlins’ stadium by clicking on this link:

Flex Your Promotional Marketing Muscles

As I’ve mentioned many, many times on our blog, I am a runner. I lead a half marathon training group every fall, and I really enjoy doing it! Our program is run by Team Footworks, and they just seem to attract the nicest, friendliest runners. Chatting with them makes 10 miles fly by (well, not really, but it does make it easier).

What I don’t like as a runner is this time of year. Running in Miami in the summer is torture! It’s hot, it’s sticky, I swallow bugs – it’s unpleasant. So, even though I don’t like treadmills, I do about half of my summer runs at the gym.

I don’t know about your gym, but mine is a promotional marketer’s dream. The gym itself seems to always have a giveaway going on – get a free bag for signing up or bringing in a friend. Plus, nearly every person who is there exercising seems to be sporting a company’s logo somewhere. I bring my Baptist Health South Florida towel with me, half of the crowd is wearing imprinted t-shirts, and, even though we’re inside, I always spy an embroidered cap or two.

I notice all of these logoed items, and I guarantee that other gym-goers do too. So maybe your next promotional marketing item should be fitness related? Get in touch with one of us – we have great ideas for branding your company at the gym and beyond!

Check out this cool YouTube video – I’m not nearly that coordinated on the treadmill.

Why I am a Twitter Convert

Gossett Marketing is now working hard to establish our social media presence, but I must admit that before we started our training I was a huge skeptic. I mean, why would I need someone to instruct me on Facebook? I’ve been on it since it was TheFacebook! I also thought Twitter was a waste of time – lots of people telling each other what kind of cereal they had for breakfast.

Fortunately, we have an excellent coach who has changed my thinking! Cynthia K. Seymour of Seymour Results has made social media a real business tool for us, rather than letting us keep on believing that it’s just a toy for kids.

As opposed as I was to Twitter, Cynthia made sense of it for me. I now think of it as a huge, ongoing networking event. Even though everyone is communicating in 140 characters, it’s an excellent way to meet other businesspeople. Really! It’s amazing how quickly you can go from just following someone’s feed to actually conversing with them. And everyone seems to have an a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” attitude, so they are happy to ReTweet blog posts, articles, and tips, which helps you gain exposure worldwide.

I’m a Twitter convert – will you be? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re already up and tweeting, follow us @marketngtidbits.

Here’s a YouTube video that teaches you about Twitter in plain English.

Heat Coach Spoelstra: “He’ll Get It Done”

Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra
A friend recently sent me an article about Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra. It’s an interesting read about a man who has dedicated his life to his passion, and how he has made his love of basketball into his career.

My favorite part of the article is actually the very beginning. Spoelstra joined the Heat organization in 1995. He was hired for a summer position and it sounds like he was the ultimate gofer – if anyone needed anything done, he was available. So when the Heat decided to add a video department, they looked to Spoelstra, who had no idea what he was doing! But he was smart to do it because it kept him in the organization. According to Coach Spoelstra, “I just figured I wanted them coming to me with as many different things as possible to lean on, whether it was basketball-related or not. I wanted to be the guy who they’d pick up the phone and say, ‘He’ll get it done.’ ” The Heat has relied on him for 16 years because they know that “he’ll get it done,” and that, in a nutshell, is how he’s worked his way from gofer to head coach in the NBA.

I think everyone can take a cue from Coach Spo (as we Miamians lovingly call him). No matter what your industry, having an “I’ll do anything” attitude always benefits you and your organization. That’s why Gossett Marketing’s motto is “If it can be done – we’ll make it happen” – we are more than happy to work our hardest and (usually) perform miracles for our customers. That is why we’ve kept most of them for over a decade! They know that we will get it done.

Go ahead and click here to read about Coach Spoelstra’s rise through the ranks of the Miami Heat. I love his determination, but truly, the man is inspirational beyond that – he gives back to his community, brings out the best in his players (who love him), and refuses to respond negatively to criticism. We can all learn something from Coach Spo!

If you don’t want to read a long article, click on this YouTube video to watch a profile on Erik Spoelstra:

Fuel Efficient Promotional Product

Trunk Organizer
A recent episode of The Today Show offered suggestions as to how to improve gas mileage. It seems like every news program keeps giving these hints, and they’re not usually very revolutionary. However, one particular tip from this segment actually surprised me. The reporter said that we should all clean out our trunks. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before – if your engine is working to cart around more weight, then of course it’s working harder – but I definitely took note when I heard Kevin Tibbles report it!

A lot of our suppliers carry trunk organizers in their product lines. They’re big caddies that have room for reusable grocery totes and all of the other odds and ends that end up filling our cars. They are great products because all of your accumulated junk can go in them, then you can take it all out in one fell swoop, meaning that you can improve your mileage without taking a dozen trips to the car. How easy! Plus, they generally fold flat so that they don’t take up too much room.

What a great gift to give your valuable employees and customers: not only are you helping them stay organized, but you’re improving their fuel efficiency to boot. As a matter of fact, we just filled an order for Baptist Health South Florida for thousands of trunk organizers. They have a large logo printed on the side, and every nurse received one – that’s great advertising and it’s a gift that will keep on giving when the nurses head to the pump!

Click here to see the full report from Today.

You’re a Professional – Dress Like It!

Sometimes when I go to tradeshows and networking events I’m shocked by what I see because there are often attendees who are dressed completely unprofessionally. Now I know we are in Miami, which is a casual city. And Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce events are frequently held on Watson Island, which is right on the bay. But that’s no excuse to dress like you’re going to South Beach for either the sand or the nightlife! However, there is usually one person who is dressed way too casually (jeans, anyone? shorts?!) or way too provocatively (even if you have it, a networking event is not the place to flaunt it).

There is a time and a place for everything, and a business event is the time and place to look professional. Men, you needn’t wear a suit, but it is a nice touch. I see lots of gentlemen in slacks and a button-down shirt that is embroidered with their company’s logo – that works. And ladies, you can put your best foot forward by playing it a little conservatively. Slacks or skirts and a top, a suit, sensible shoes…look nice, but don’t give away the goods!

I know that everyone who is reading this knows how to dress properly, this is just a friendly reminder to do so when you are attending a professional event at which you are representing and promoting your business!

What crazy getups have you seen at business functions? Let us know in the comments below!

Water Bottles: Help Earth & Your Brand

There’s a new ad campaign here in Miami – it promotes our local tap water. There’s an annoying-but-catchy jingle that says something along the lines of “she looks hotter because she’s drinking tap water,” and I guess it’s meant to discourage the people of South Florida from filling our landfills with plastic water bottles. While I don’t particularly like having the water song in my head, I do agree with the message. We actually have good tap water, so we might as well be a little eco-friendlier by drinking it rather than buying bottled water.

Tap water is better for the environment, and it’s actually also better for your company’s marketing strategy! Why? Because reusable water bottles are excellent promotional marketing tools!

Think about it. Water bottles come in various shapes, sizes, and materials so it’s easy to find one that matches your company’s aesthetic and budget. You might want something high-end, so I would suggest a metal bottle with an etched, tone-on-tone logo. Or maybe you have a big logo. In that case, you’d want something that could handle a full wrap imprint. There are tons of possibilities out there.

They’re also a promo item that people actually use. I was in an exercise class of about 15 people last night, and I counted no fewer than 5 logoed sports bottles. 1/3 of my class was advertising various companies! I know have a bottle that I got at a University of Miami game, and I constantly carry it around. Imagine how many pairs of eyes have seen the “U” logo as I tote it around town!

So do the environment and your brand a favor – give out promotional water bottles.


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