Targeted Marketing for the Candwich

Have you heard about the Candwich? It is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a can that stays fresh for up to a year. They are getting a lot of press lately because they have recently been approved for sale; however, the publicity that they’re getting is not necessarily positive, it’s more along the lines of “why would someone buy or consume this?!”

To be frank, the Candwich sounds awful to me, but I have heard it mentioned several times so I went to the company’s website to find out more about it. When I read what the manufacturer had to say, I must admit that I understand why they made it. They wanted to create a healthy lunch or snack for people on the go – not just working parents and overscheduled kids, but for hikers, and travelers as well. They also mention that their products are ideal for emergency situations, and that is the market on which I think they need to focus.

Gossett Marketing is located in Miami, so we know a thing or two about hurricanes and their aftermath. Hurricanes are no fun, but it’s what comes after that is even worse. We get to spend weeks or months living without electricity (read: air conditioning, refrigeration) during the hottest part of the year, meaning that food doesn’t stay too fresh. Plus, it’s difficult for fresh food to be delivered to grocery stores, and when it is, there are often shortages and/or long lines. So I do, theoretically, see the merit in a canned sandwich. Truly, after Hurricane Andrew, there were times when I would have given my right arm for fresh bread!

That feeling of desperation is why Candwich should focus its marketing efforts on disaster-prone areas. Our local grocery and hardware stores, news shows, and papers all suggest that we put together “hurricane preparedness” kits when the season rolls around. The Candwich folks should focus on advertising to those outlets so that they can be included in their suggestions. While I’m sure that they don’t want a hurricane to hit us, they should promote their brand down here and in other places where it makes sense. Forget soccer moms, they can throw together a PB&J in a heartbeat – focus on those who might not be able to do so, and the Candwich could be a hit.

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And click on this YouTube video to see someone make a Candwich:


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