April Showers Bring May Flowers

Custom full coverage umbrellaWell, if April is the “rain shower” month it surprised me to learn that March is National Umbrella month. Yep, a month that honors one of the most versatile inventions – Umbrellas. But why March? Why not April? A question for the ages I suppose.

What is amazing is what you might have thought was just a way to try keep dry can also be an amazing way to showcase your logo or brand. Ever watch a big PGA golf event where it was raining? I’m sure you couldn’t help but see the sponsors logos? What about heading into the shopping mall — all those logos being carried about.

Being in Miami, Florida, the Sunshine State, where we do have our very dry periods… like now. It’s hard to imagine the bad weather of rain and snow the rest of the country is having when we are sunny and 80. But I have to admit there are times where I miss rain. So when it does rain, you can be sure I’m carrying a fun umbrella — mine has the University of Miami mascot – Ibis on it!!

Thinking of the rain made me think of a classic that I just couldn’t resist including – the newer version of a classic — “Singing in the Rain” from Glee. So enjoy before you head out with that umbrella!

World Golf Championship Hits Doral

Phil Mickelson Golfer Golfing Golf SwingHave you been out to Doral this week? This is an exciting week for Golfers and non golfers alike. with the top players in the world hit the links at Doral. I’ve attended the championships many times at Doral and it is such a fun time. Plus, as you wonder the grounds they have many booths giving away wonderful logo’d merchandise. From seat cushions to golf balls to sport towels, fans, water bottles and so much more.

The tournament is on through Sunday — I’ll be out there on Saturday. Hope to see you there! dg

It’s not just meditation

I’m a yoga fan. I practice at a local studio in Coconut Grove – Dharma Yoga Studio. I regularly tell people that yoga saved my life. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was my refuge during a bad divorce.

 Most believe yoga saved me through quiet mediation. Far from it. The yoga I enjoy is filled with energy, music, and fast paced fun. Not what I would have thought yoga was. Yes, you get the meditative aspects at points but more because you focus your attention in the moment. As my instructor Natalie constantly reminds us in her Funyasa class when she can tell our minds are wondering – acknowledge your thought and then let it go. Stay on your mat. 

Yoga has taught me so many important lessons about life. You can do just about anything if you have focus, patience, and discipline. That’s why I can now do a handstand. Never would have thought it possible. But I decided I wanted to do it and through focus, a lot of patience (and laughing at my attempts) and discipline most times I can now get up with ease.

I also feel these same elements are needed to succeed in business and everyday life. If we focus on our goals and have the patience and discipline to follow through I truly believe nothing is beyond our reach.

Now while I don’t really aspire to do trick handstands — it could be fun at parties! Just Watch


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