Time to Update Your Trade Show Materials

As we all get back to work and get the kids back to school, it’s time to get organized for a successful fall trade show season. Most companies exhibit at a number of different trade shows every fall to boost sales for the end of the year and set-up their new-year business development pipelines. We do the same at Gossett Marketing. And this year our first show is in early September and after reviewing our current materials we realized it was time for some updates. We have designed a whole new table top display. While our previous one was only about 5 years old we felt it was looking dated. Plus with improved technology our new display is going to…


Time to Bring Back Holiday Greeting Cards

I don’t know about you, but I still like to get mail. I mean the mail from the mail carrier. Something you have to open by hand, not an email that is so easily dismissed. I send hand written “thank you” notes occasionally and actually need to do that more often as I always get a nice “wow” a hand written note. How do I know? They usually call me to thank me for the note. Talk about standing out. Anyway, if you are like me, when you get into the office you have hundreds emails waiting and to be perfectly honest, if you are like me, you start going down the list hitting the delete button. However, when I…


Some Good Eats Happening in Miami this Summer!

As you know, we are in Miami, Florida and for many you think we are on vacation all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have said when they visit, “why don’t you have a tan.” Well, I work. So while I might live in a vacation paradise, I don’t get to enjoy it every day. However, I am going to start enjoying more of our restaurants for the next couple of months because we are in Miami Spice season. This wonderful promotion by the restaurants of the region began many years ago to encourage people to dine out more during the slow summer months. Now, I really don’t think we have a slow season…


Networking Season Is Coming

It’s basically the end of the summer. Seriously, it’s almost August and everyone is already starting to talk about back to school and even Christmas plans! It’s also the time that many business organizations re-start their networking events in earnest. Over the summer months there are limited events, come September you could have multiple events a night. So how do you choose what’s the best use of your time? Of course, you probably have your core groups you like to interact with, but maybe it’s time to expand that sphere and venture out to network with some new industries. If you’re like me and my sales staff we utilize these networking events to expand our business development efforts. I can’t…


Happy Halloween!

I have to admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Everyone is in a festive mood. But I really like Halloween the most because it’s my birthday! Yep, I was born on October 31. A great day too because as a child I used to pretend that everyone was celebrating my birthday! Now I’m just happy that everyone is in a good mood on my birthday. Halloween is also a time of year that many companies are participating in many community events. And of course they want to give something to children and of course it should have the company logo on it. We work with many large companies that celebrate the holiday every year with bags or candy or…


Giving Back

I don’t know about you but I think most everyone should give back to their community in one way shape or form. As most of you know, I’m very involved in the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, on the Board, a Trustee, head of a committee that has three task forces and more. When I first started my business I was involved with even more organizations and I have to admit I burned myself out. Not that I didn’t find it all gratifying, I just found that I was exhausting myself. So I finally learned to say no. That is until last week. A very dear friend asked me to chair an upcoming fundraising event. I didn’t say yes immediately….


Why Be Involved

I met someone today via phone that came through an introduction by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. We have very similar businesses and yet quite different. We came away from the conversation agreeing that we will complement each other’s services quite nicely and we expect to be doing business together in the near future. That’s networking at it’s finest! However, in the course of our conversation she asked an interesting question. Why are you so involved at the Greater Miami Chamber? And it gave me pause because there isn’t just one answer. One, I do like to give back to my committee and being a business person it fits that I can help other businesses with their development. Secondly,…


Thank Those Who Refer You

If you’ve ever read this section of our blog before, then you probably know that the Gossett Marketing team is very involved with networking. We do so through our local chamber of commerce, running and golf groups, and more recently via Twitter and other online channels. You get it: we’re out there, we network, and we want you to do the same! So what if you are already a networking pro? How can we help you take it further? Well, if you are networking successfully then certainly you are getting referrals. You’ve met so many business contacts through your efforts and you have made such a great impression on them that they want to help you grow. I sincerely hope…

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